“It is not his time” .. Mohamed Salah is subjected to a strong shock after a strange decision from the Liverpool management

Press reports said this morning, that the Liverpool administration has begun to think well about how to deal with the club’s financial situation in the event that the team does not rise to the Champions League next season, which is very likely at the present time, after Liverpool is in ninth place with a score. 16 points, a difference of 13 points from first-placed Manchester City and 12 points from second-placed Arsenal by 28 points.

A strong shock for Mohamed Salah in Liverpool

Reports revealed that the Liverpool administration will force German coach Jurgen Klopp to give up a number of his senior players next season, if the Reds do not qualify for the Champions League, and this is in order to reduce the salary bill within the club, especially because not going up to the Champonzlig, will make the administration You lose millions of euros next season.

The English press explained that the first name that could leave Liverpool in this case is the Egyptian international “Mohamed Salah”, for several reasons, most notably:

  • Liverpool’s desire to reduce the salary bill and Salah is the club’s highest salary earner, earning about £400,000 a week.
  • Mohamed Salah’s desire to participate in the European Champions League and the continuation of his records as the most Arab and African scorer in the most prestigious European competitions.

The date of the next Liverpool match

The next Liverpool match in the framework of the Champions League will be held on Tuesday evening, October 30, 2022, at Anfield, as part of the matches of the last round of the group stage in the Champions League, as Liverpool seeks to return its four-way defeat against Napoli, and achieve a broad result that makes it top those the group.

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