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It serves 6 new cities and one million passengers per day.. Details of the light electric train project

Ministry carried out Transport The Light Electric Train (LRT) project, the first and second phases have been opened and operated, and work continues on the implementation of the third and fourth phases, which connect the New Administrative Capital with eastern Cairo.

The project serves 6 large cities of the new cities east of Cairo, and in the following points we review the details of the project.

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1. Design speed: 120 km/h

2. Financial cost: 22 million dollars per kilometer

3. Capacity per hour: 20-40 thousand passengers/hour/way

4. Capacity per day: 1 million passengers per day

5. The distance between the stations: 3.5 – 6.5 km.

6. Places of implementation: linking new cities at wide distances.

7. Execution method: (upper – superficial).


• The track starts from the Adly Mansour Central Interchange Station, parallel to the (Cairo – Ismailia) desert road, then branches north after Badr City until the Tenth of Ramadan City and south to the New Administrative Capital, then extends to the International Sports City, with a total length of 105 km and 19 stations.

• The electric train project achieves the passenger exchange service with the third line of the metro at Adly Mansour Central Station and serves the new cities on the Cairo / Ismailia desert road, such as Al-Obour, Al-Shorouk, Al-Mustaqbal and Badr until the tenth of Ramadan in the north and the Administrative Capital in the south to facilitate the movement of citizens from Cairo to those cities and vice versa as well. It achieves an additional economic return by contributing to the growth and development of new urban communities, residential, commercial and industrial, as well as reducing the maintenance costs of surface roads as a result of reducing the traffic density on them.

• Achieves passenger exchange service with the monorail east of the Nile (the Administrative Capital) at the Arts and Culture station in the Administrative Capital, and the express electric train at the Central Capital Station, which ensures the implementation of an integrated transport network.

• Connecting the administrative capital with the Greater Cairo region through a sustainable green mass transport network that is safe and effective and contributes directly to the agenda of confronting the effects of climate change.

• Environmentally friendly bus lines are provided to integrate with the project stations to maximize the benefit and increase the number of passengers, in addition to establishing car parks outside the stations that accommodate about 800 cars to encourage private car owners to ride the electric train.

• The project includes 22 trains with a speed of about 120 km/h moving in a track isolated by fences on both sides of a length of 120 km to ensure its security during movement, as 7 bridges were constructed for the train track with a length of 6 km and 4 bridges for cars to solve the problems of intersections with axes and main roads with a total length 5 km, and two tunnels for the train track with a length of 500 meters and one tunnel for cars were implemented, in addition to the implementation of 6 pedestrian bridges to facilitate the movement of passengers.

Reducing the travel time for passengers along the route of the line, reducing fuel consumption as the operation of the line depends on clean electric energy.

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