It was confirmed that the Alexandria trio was absent from the Zamalek match in the league

The club’s medical staff confirmed Alexandria UnionHeaded by Dr. Amr Al-Ashlam, the injured trio were not ready for the match: the main goalkeeper, Al-Mahdi Suleiman, the center of defense, Mahmoud Alaa, and the left defender, Al-Sayed Salem. Zamalek The next match, which is scheduled for next Wednesday at exactly seven o’clock at Burj Al Arab Stadium, is part of the 13th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

Al-Mahdi Suleiman attended today’s training, and he was insisting on entering the group exercises, but the medical staff also requested x-rays to ensure his complete safety, and the results of the x-rays appeared in the evening, and the x-rays confirmed that the player still needed treatment sessions for the anterior muscle rupture, which led to the exclusion of the player from Group training and undergoing a treatment session, and the player travels today to Cairo to complete treatment after obtaining permission from the technical and medical staff.

While Mahmoud Alaa is still completing his treatment in Cairo for a calf muscle strain, after he took permission from the technical and medical staff as well, and Mr. Salem is also still suffering after recurring the injury he was suffering from at the beginning of the season and is doing treatment sessions inside the club, thus missing the trio .

The Alexandrian team is training this evening at the same time as the match, and it will also train tomorrow afternoon, after which the Serbian Zoran chooses the team’s list in front of Zamalek and enters a camp for the match date.

The Serbian Zoran requested that the Zamalek matches be prepared against Aswan and the Interior Ministry to make a video lecture during which he explains the strengths and weaknesses of the Zamalek lines, by monitoring the offensive lines and giving instructions to close the spaces in front of those coming from behind in Zamalek, as well as explaining the defensive mistakes of the defenders, and trying to exploit opportunities to score goals and confuse the players from the beginning. Meeting.

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