Joint talks between Egypt and America to increase cooperation in the fields of energy

On the sidelines of participating in the activities of the Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh COP 27, Eng. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, held a joint session of talks with Jeffrey Pyatt, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources and his accompanying delegation, in the presence of Hisham Nour, Head of the Central Administration of the Minister’s Office.

El-Molla stated that the talks dealt with a number of important issues related to all energy fields, which have become the focus of many countries in the world. The United States of America in the field of energy in 2019 in the presence of the US Secretary of Energy, with the aim of cooperating in a number of areas of common interest in the energy sector, especially in the areas of promoting energy trade, carbon use and storage, green hydrogen, energy efficiency, renewable energy and other fields.

El-Molla added that the cooperation between Egypt and America is progressing in good steps, and that there is support from American institutions and companies operating in Egypt, in addition to the fruitful cooperation with the American Chamber of Commerce, noting that there is great support from America to develop a road map to reduce methane emissions that is feasible for actual implementation. This is what will be discussed among the topics that will be presented on the day dedicated to decarbonization, to be held on November 11, as part of the activities of the climate summit, and light will be shed on efforts to reduce emissions in the Egyptian oil and gas industry, explaining that there is a strategic partnership and good relations with American companies for cooperation. In the field of emissions reduction, he noted that the implementation of the best technologies for capturing, storing and using carbon in Egypt is currently being studied, in addition to benefiting from the best practices that have achieved success and moving forward to ensure the implementation of successful projects, pointing out that some companies will present their experiences in Egypt during the day dedicated to decarbonization. .

Al-Molla also expressed his appreciation for the US support for the idea of ​​establishing the East Mediterranean Gas Forum in 2018, which has become a safe haven to achieve the maximum possible benefit from the gas discovered in the region and to provide large quantities for export, which was embodied in the agreement recently signed under the forum’s umbrella.

During the talks, the work of American companies currently operating in Egypt in various fields of oil and gas industry activities was reviewed, as El-Molla clarified that there are promising opportunities for American companies to increase their investments, especially in the field of research, exploration and production, in addition to improving energy efficiency.

For his part, Jeffrey explained that there is great cooperation between Egypt and America in several fields, the most important of which is the energy sector, pointing out that Egypt has great potentials to become a regional energy center, and has enormous potential and good opportunities for expansion in all energy fields, praising the idea of ​​establishing the East Mediterranean Gas Forum, which represents An integrated system for cooperation between neighboring countries and maximizing the use of gas resources and infrastructure in the region, noting that there is a great challenge during the next 3 or 4 years in providing energy sources, saying I was pleased when I saw the Egyptian gas ships arriving in Europe, pointing to his country’s desire to expand. In the fields of renewable energy in Egypt and projects for capturing and storing carbon in gas activities, which in turn will provide more gas quantities. He also expressed America’s interest in the great role of the East Mediterranean Gas Forum, in light of its increasing importance in the region and the world.

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