Kanye West is ‘undesirable’ after his anti-Semitic comments

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Rapper Kanye West was released Wednesday from the office of the sports shoe company Skechers, which explained the procedure as being “uninvited,” according to a statement about the incident, which comes after the adidas brand finally terminated its partnership with the star.

Skechers said Kanye West, who had officially changed his name to Yee, arrived at one of its Los Angeles offices “with no advance notice” of his arrival and “without an invitation.” “Because Ye was filming without permission, two Skechers employees escorted him and his colleagues out of the building after a short conversation,” she added.

Skechers said it had “no intention of working with West.” “We deplore his recent divisive statements and do not condone anti-Semitism or any other form of hate speech,” she added.

The German sports equipment manufacturer, Adidas, announced on Tuesday the termination of its partnership “immediately” with West, following his anti-Semitic appearances in recent weeks, and it became the latest clothing brand to make this decision.

The singer was banned from using Twitter after he posted a tweet indicating his intention to attack Jews, which was deleted by the platform at the time for violating its rules. West was also banned from using Instagram.

The German company had previously announced in early October that it wanted to “reconsider” its partnership with West, without specifying the reason for this decision. While attending a fashion show in Paris a few days ago, the American singer appeared wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “White Lives Matter” written on it.

This slogan, used by the American far-right, is a modification of the name of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which fights against racism against African Americans.

Several other companies cut ties with the singer.

And the agency “CAA” that manages his business, and it is one of the most important in this field in Hollywood, announced on Monday the termination of its cooperation with him, while the production company “MRC” announced the cancellation of a documentary work on West, which had previously been filmed.

Also, the American company, “Gap” ready-made clothes, announced Tuesday that it will withdraw from its stores all products related to its cooperation with Kanye West, and will close its website.

Last week, fashion house Balenciaga ended its partnership with West.

And in March, Kanye West, who has spoken out about his bipolar disorder, was banned from using his Instagram account for 24 hours for violating her harassment policy, following his tumultuous divorce from Kim Kardashian.

His ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, wrote on Twitter and Instagram Monday that “hate speech is never acceptable or excused,” without naming the father of her children.

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