“Khalas concluded” .. Zamalek officially announces the signing of the season deal from the heart of Al-Ahly Club

Many believe that the Al-Ahly and Zamalek conflict may be limited only to the field, but this is not entirely true. Al-Ahly and Zamalek have a special conflict that extends in all areas and games, whether it is football or team games in general, as well as individual games as well as in the summer and winter transfer market, It is normal and usual and happens every season between the two poles of Egyptian football.

Zamalek announces contracting with Al-Ahly player

Zamalek club officially announced the end of the procedures for the inclusion of the player “Maryam Mostafa”, the star of the former volleyball team in Al-Ahly Club, who joined the ranks of Zamalek during the recent summer transfers, stressing that the player will join the ranks of the volleyball team in the White Castle and was registered in the team’s list this morning .

Zamalek not only announced the deal of Maryam Mostafa, but also announced the joining of 4 players who joined the ranks of the White Castle from Al-Ahly Club, and they are Farida Al-Asqalani, Maryam Metwally, Dana Shawky and Maya Mamdouh, in one of the most prominent Zamalek plane deals throughout the club’s history in recent years.

The coach of the volleyball team in Zamalek had officially announced the team’s new list, which includes 18 players, including five coming from Al-Ahly in this Mercato, and the list came as follows:

1- Jasmine Noah

2- Nora Ehab Azmy

3- Sabine Hassan Abed

4- Aysel Muhammad Nadim

5- Farida Al-Asqalani

6- Maryam Metwally

7- Maya Mamdouh

8- Dana Shawky

9- Nouran Ahmed

10- Here is Al-Hassan

11- Farida Hisham

14- Maryam Mustafa

15-Dalia Al Morshedy

16- Doaa Muhammad

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