Khaled Al-Ghandour: The United Service to Respond to Rumors “kills lies in their time”

Khaled Al-Ghandour, the former Zamalek star, praised the new service launched by the United Media Services Company by broadcasting bulletins to respond to rumors and lies in various political, sports, artistic and economic fields..

Al-Ghandour said in exclusive statements: “The recent period witnessed lies and deception at all levels, including the sports field, and is not limited to politics only, and that responding first to rumors ends the rumor at the time.“.

And he added: “Social media is a main reason for the spread of rumors, and it will have a role in killing rumors at the time and exposing liars in public at the same time, and rumors cause a wedge between Egyptian clubs and fans, especially popular clubs.“.

The Board of Directors of the United Media Services Company confirmed that the victory in the battle of awareness was and still is the governing framework for the media message presented in its various press, television and radio publications, as well as what is presented with dramatic content throughout the year, with the aim of educating, entertaining, refuting lies, disseminating correct information, and creating real awareness among Egyptian society, in light of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s directives about the importance of the media’s role in building real awareness.

The United Company’s Board of Directors added that in this context, the United Company’s news sector was assigned to broadcast specialized bulletins throughout the day to respond to rumors and lies targeting Egyptian society. These bulletins are broadcast on the “Extra News” channel on all its electronic platforms, and the news service is sent to all political parties And all government sectors and official institutions, according to the “Extra News” channel.

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