Know what MagSafe means…Details of Apple’s wireless charging technology

Apple introduced MagSafe in October 2020, promising fast and convenient wireless charging that was a better alternative to Qi charging systems everywhere, and here’s everything you need to know about MagSafe, according to business insider.

What is MagSafe Charger?

MagSafe is a wireless charging technology that Apple first introduced with the iPhone 12, and is directly compatible with the iPhone 12 series and later iPhone models, it is a form of induction charging that can provide 15W fast charging, about twice as much as phones equipped with traditional Qi wireless charging .

Like Qi, MagSafe uses inductive charging, which coils on both the charger and the phone line and transmits electrical power wirelessly over very short distances.

But MagSafe uses a series of magnets to precisely align the coils, allowing them to perfectly match each time and charge them at a higher wattage (up to 15W, depending on the phone and charger) than other wireless charging technologies.

The magnet holds other apps too, and you can easily attach MagSafe accessories to your iPhone, such as holsters and wallets, which stay firmly attached to the phone via MagSafe magnets.

How does the MagSafe charger work?

Working thanks to a string of magnets around the charging coil on the back of the iPhone, MagSafe accessories like chargers automatically snap into perfect alignment, so the system works automatically.

Apple designed the MagSafe charger standard so that certified MagSafe chargers and accessories attach magnetically to the MagSafe surface on the back of your iPhone, so other types of magnetic devices won’t be attracted to or stuck to your phone.

While the MagSafe Charger is capable of charging newer iPhones starting with the iPhone 8, it’s only optimized for models that feature a magnetic charging coil on the back of the phone, including iPhone 12 and later.

Also, for best results, you should always plug the MagSafe charger into its power source before connecting it to your iPhone, as this allows the two devices to “negotiate” their connection and properly adjust the charging wattage.

If you ever connect your iPhone to an unplugged MagSafe charger, unplug the devices, plug in the charger, and then plug them back in, that way, your phone is guaranteed to charge at full speed.

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