Know your right.. 7 documents that must be presented to stock exchange shareholders at the annual general assembly

During the coming period, it is expected to invite the annual general assembly of government companies, whose fiscal year ends on June 30, and requires companies to make documents available to shareholders before the annual meeting of the assembly, which are:

1- Data relating to the remuneration and salaries of the chairman and members of the board of directors and the operations in which one of them has interests that conflict with the interest of the company.

2- The names of the members of the board of directors.

3- A statement of the issues presented to the Assembly.

4- Report of the Board of Directors.

5- Names of the candidates for membership of the Board of Directors.

6- The company’s financial statements.

7- The auditor’s report.

The Financial Supervisory Authority had previously issued 465 approvals for a new license and the addition of activities for companies and entities to engage in non-banking financial activities during 2021, distributed between 404 new licenses and 61 to add activities, compared to 306 approvals during the year 2020, distributed between 253 new licenses and 53 approvals. To add activities, this comes within the framework of the Authority’s efforts to develop the institutional framework for the non-banking financial sector.

It is noteworthy that the value of issued securities in the first market amounted to more than 217 billion pounds during 2021, and taking into account the issuance of nominal value adjustment and capital reduction issues, the value reached more than 280 billion pounds, compared to about 194 billion pounds in the last year. , an increase of 45%.

The Financial Supervisory Authority aims for the market capital of the Egyptian Stock Exchange to reach approximately 1.6 trillion pounds, according to the authority’s comprehensive strategy (2022-2026), in order to increase the capital market’s contribution to advancing investment and supporting sustainable growth, and the Authority seeks to support the role played by the Stock Exchange. In activating the attraction of more investments, by increasing the number of companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and their market value, which can be achieved through activating the program to expand the ownership base of state-owned companies.

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