Kohler excludes 11 players from Al-Ahly’s list to face the Interior

The Swiss coach, Marcel Koller, coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly club, excluded 11 players from the list of his team that is preparing to face the interior, in the match scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, at the new Suez Stadium, as part of the matches of the third round of the Egyptian Premier League competition.

The list of those excluded included Malian Alio Diang, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Ramy Rabia, Ammar Hamdi, Ali Maaloul, Hussein Al Shahat and Amr Al Sulaya in the Al Dakhiliya match due to injury, while Taher Mohamed Taher, Kahraba, Mohamed Mahmoud and Ziad Tariq are absent for technical reasons.

Aliou Diang suffers from a strain in the posterior muscle, while Mohamed Abdel Moneim underwent a nose surgery, while Ammar Hamdy is performing the final stage of his rehabilitation program to recover from cruciate ligament surgery, while Amr Al-Sulayya suffers from a slight tension in the front muscle and Hussein Al-Shahat and Ali Maaloul suffer from a cold, while Taher Mohamed Taher was expelled in the Ismaili match in the first round of the league competition, while Mahmoud Kahraba implements the suspension penalty until the financial fine imposed on him is paid.

The list of Al-Ahly for the confrontation of the Interior was as follows:

Goalkeepers: Mohamed El-Shennawy, Ali Lotfi, Mostafa Schubert

Defense lines: Mahmoud Metwally, Yasser Ibrahim, Ayman Ashraf, Akram Tawfik, Mohamed Hani, Raafat Khalil, Mohamed Maghribi, Mohamed Ashraf.

Midfield: Hamdi Fathi, Ahmed Abdel Qader, Bruno Savio, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, Percy Tau, Karim Fouad, Mohamed Fakhry, Ahmed Nabil Koca.

Attack: Hossam Hassan, Shadi Hussein, Mohamed Sharif

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