Kohler focuses on the small details of Al-Ahly’s group training

Swiss coach Marcel Kohler, Al-Ahly coach, focuses on some of the small details that he is keen to implement during group training, in preparation for the new season’s competitions, in order to memorize his players all the technical sentences and game plans that he intends to implement in the coming period, especially after he discovered some shortcomings in Al-Ahly’s ranks from The reality of his follow-up to the matches that Al-Ahly fought before he came to take over the technical leadership.

Kohler is keen to focus on the small details in short passes, one-touch play, transfer the attack quickly, and move the players without the ball, with the players focusing on possession of the ball and the speed of recovering it immediately after losing it, so that possession continues with his team for as long as possible.

Al-Ahly club officials are monitoring the position of the Brazilian Bruno Savio in the new red team deal, after news emerged that the player might be suspended for a long period due to the referee’s report in the player’s last match with his former team Bolivar, before moving to Al-Ahly this summer.

Press reports indicated that Savio is threatened with a long-term suspension due to the physical assault of the referee and the presence of investigations by the Bolivian Federation regarding the incident, which is expected to be notified by the International Football Association in order to communicate with his new club, “Al-Ahly” regarding the punishment expected to be imposed on him.

Al-Ahly club officials are trying to find out Savio’s position and the proposed solutions to get out of this crisis, especially since stopping the player will deprive Al-Ahly of an important player at the beginning of his career in the new season.

Al-Ahly contracted with Bruno Savio in the current summer transfers from the Bolivian club Bolivar in a deal that cost the red treasury an amount of 1.5 million dollars.

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