Kohler refuses to appear on Al-Ahly channel

Marcel Kohler, the new coach of Al-Ahly’s first team, refused to appear on the club’s channel, as he expressed his preference for postponing any television interview with him for the time being.

Islam Al-Shater, presenter of the main program on Al-Ahly channel, said: “Al-Ahly started the season well. There is a coach whose biography says that he is a very good coach.”

Speaking about the Swiss Koller, he added: “The coach has appeared through his movements and his words with the players in the past two days. Some might say (All this is in two days? I say, uh, in an hour).”

And he continued, “I will tell a secret. I asked Al-Ahly coach Marcel Koehler to be a guest on Al-Ahly channel and on the Big House program, but he (apologies kindly).”

And he continued: “Kohler said (I spoke at the media center and the press conference. So let me sit with my band and see my band a little, and know the player more and do the thought that I want to tell them, and then I see and talk to Al-Ahly fans through the channel).”

Al-Shater concluded, “So I say that the beginning of the season looks good. Everyone in the club’s management has done what it is, and the technical staff will begin to do what it is, and the players have had a rest and now have to do what they have to do, and we are waiting for the results.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly had announced the signing of the Swiss Marcel Koller as the new technical director of the first team for the next two seasons, to succeed the Portuguese Ricardo Soares, who was overthrown just two months after taking over the job.

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