Koller is considering including Khaled Abdel Fattah in Al-Ahly’s list, in front of Al-Masry, in the league

Swiss coach Marcel Koehler, Al-Ahly coach, is studying the inclusion of Khaled Abdel-Fattah, who joined the team recently, in the list of the Red Genie in the Al-Masry match scheduled for next Thursday in the Premier League.

Khaled Abdel Fattah participated in Al-Ahly’s training yesterday, Monday, for the first time, and a trend prevailed within the technical staff, using the player in the Al-Masry match in order to adapt to the team’s atmosphere quickly.

The technical staff believes that Khaled Abdel-Fattah is at a high technical and physical level that qualifies him to be quickly on the Al-Ahly list, especially since he was participating with his former team, Smouha, throughout the last period in the league championship.

Al-Ahly contracted with Khaled Abdel-Fattah from Smouha for a period of six months on loan with the intention of final purchase at the end of the current season, in order to support the right front after the duo Akram Tawfiq and Karim Fouad recently injured the cruciate ligament. Al-Ahly will meet Al-Masry at seven in the evening, next Thursday, in the Premier League.

On the other hand, Khaled Abdel Fattah expressed his happiness at playing for the club Al-Ahly After completing all the procedures related to the deal between the club and Smouha, stressing that wearing the red jersey was a dream of a lifetime for him, which was achieved by announcing his transfer to Al-Ahly and the beginning of his career with the team.

Abdel-Fattah said in his interview with the club’s official website: “My start in football was through Kafr El-Sheikh Ibrahim Club, then I moved to Quesna Club and then to Smouha Club and played for the youth sector before I was promoted to the first team.”

The beginning of negotiations

Negotiations with Al-Ahly began with a call from Captain Amir Tawfiq, the club’s contracting manager, with my agent, and informed him of Al-Ahly’s desire to contract with me during the winter transfer period this January.

He added: «When Al-Ahly comes, do not think, and there is no room for consulting anyone. Playing for the largest club in Africa and the most crowned with titles is the dream of a lifetime, which was finally fulfilled in order for the childhood dream to come true, and there is no doubt that wearing the red jersey was the most important and dearest dream for me, and the most beautiful thing is that The dream has already come true and I became a player in Al-Ahly.”

Constant pressure

Abdel-Fattah expressed his feelings during the first moments of entering the club’s headquarters on the island, stressing that there were conflicting feelings he felt between happiness, pride, optimism and enthusiasm, and at the same time awe, as Al-Ahly is a great entity and playing for him is an honor for any player.

And Abdel-Fattah continued: “Playing for the number one club in Egypt and Africa is not an easy matter, whether on the technical or personal levels, due to the constant pressure to win all titles, but this matter is the dominant feature of the ball, and I am sure that the Al-Ahly fans will stand behind me to support me.” In addition to her continuous support for my colleagues, which helps me especially at the beginning of my career with the team».

He touched on talking about his meeting with Mahmoud Kahraba and Ammar Hamdi and their reception of him, stressing that he has a friendship relationship with them, and a passing conversation took place between them during which they welcomed his presence with the team and wished him success, and that it would be a good start for him and a successful beginning in his career during the coming period.

Ahlawy family

The right-back explained that his family, “his father, mother, and brothers” encourage Al-Ahly, and that they are undoubtedly very happy after his official signing and joining the Horn of Africa club.

And he talked about the coaches who have a footprint in the formation of his football personality, saying that there are many coaches who influenced his football career since he was a player in the fourth division, up to the stage of playing in Smouha Club and then moving to Al-Ahly Club, and that he does not want to specialize as a coach. In the name, especially since everyone has a clear fingerprint and he learned a lot from them, and he does not want anyone to fall inadvertently from his speech.

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