Latifa about preventing Myriam from her concert: I do not respond to abusers

After her name was thrown into the repercussions of the dispute between the Lebanese artist Fares KaramAnd his compatriot, artist, Myriam Fares, Tunisian actress Latifa revealed the details of a phone call on the subject.

Latifa said in a press statement, that the artist Fares Karam He contacted her to apologize for inserting her name into the dispute that continues between him and Myriam Fares.

I’m not a party

She emphasized that she was not a party to what happened because she did not know the full details of the problem.

On her question about her position on Myriam Fares, who was said to have been behind her exclusion from a concert in Saudi Arabia, in the Egyptian dialect: “He put her in her brain,” she replied that she did not have any information on the subject, stressing that she did not oppose reviving a party with any artist, and she usually does not respond to abuse.

She emphasized that no one could prevent her from reviving a party anywhere.

It is reported that the Lebanese artist, Fares Karam, sent a message to the artist, Latifa Al-Tunisi, full of appreciation and love after his crisis with Myriam Fares.

And he wrote in a tweet on his Twitter page, a few days ago: “You are a great artist and you are the sweetheart of my heart and dear to me, and I am growing up, but my name will be the limit of your name and with your history that honors me, and you know me very well, the extent of my appreciation and respect for you.”

In turn, the owner replied, “I love you in love,” and wrote: “I love you very much and respect you very much. May God help you in your life, preserve your family and make you successful in your work, my love,” accompanied by a red heart emoji.

The crisis of statements is not over

This tweet came a few days after a fiery statement crisis between Fares Karam and Myriam Fares. The owner of “The One who shorts the skirt” revealed that the owner of “I and the Longing” refused to sing the Tunisian artist Latifa in a joint concert for them during the Jeddah season.

Karam said: “I don’t want to be nice, I want to be nice, and I didn’t take or give…”

The story began from an advertisement for a party that will include both in the “Jeddah Season”, which Karam objected to after he appeared in a smaller size than Miriam, forcing him to withdraw, until the producing company decided to postpone the event.

When Fares was asked about Miriam’s words that there is no need for the crisis, and that the reason does not require it, he answered describing it in the Lebanese dialect as “acidifying psychological”, as he put it.

To make matters worse, the owner of “I and Al-Shawq” answered a journalist who asked her to comment on the crisis, and she replied that she was surprised, especially since she was the one who nominated Fares Karam to participate in the party.

Fares replied again with a tweet via Twitter, between his words: “Those who were ashamed have died,” indicating that his artistic history does not need anyone to nominate him for parties, stressing that the artist was rushing in the past to take pictures with him, saying: “I love to remind you of the days when you were singing. With strings and running, you imagine with me at the end of the night.”

Recourse to court

In turn, the Lebanese singer, Myriam Fares, threatened her compatriot and fellow singer, Fares Karam, to resort to the judiciary because of what she considered “insults” to her last, through his Twitter account.

It is noteworthy that a wide controversy erupted on social media after the crisis of Fares Karam and Myriam Fares, amid the public’s demands to end it and not to let such matters go out into the open or through social media.

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