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Launching mobile cars to offer white rice at 12 pounds per kilo for bulk and 15 pounds for packed

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade continues to launch a group of mobile cars in the main squares of Greater Cairo and a number of governorates, to offer luxury white rice at a reduced price to citizens without being bound by the supply card, in order to meet the citizens’ need for this important strategic commodity, in implementation of the directives of Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply Internal trade is constantly pumping food commodities, and rice is being offered at a price of 12 pounds per kilo, and 15 pounds per kilo packed.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Supply continues to receive barley rice from farmers, as well as the formation of a committee in each location for receiving and storing barley rice locally produced this year from a representative of the Directorate of Supply and Internal Trade, the head of the committee, members of representatives of the National Food Safety Authority, the Directorate of Agriculture and a representative of the marketing authorities. The storage location” and a representative of the Igloo Association or an approved weight, and that the purchase price of locally produced barley rice this year with a cleanliness of 94% and a humidity of not more than 14%, and a transfer incentive is paid to farmers and suppliers of local barley rice in the amount of 100 pounds per ton for all the quantity supplied, It is targeted to supply 1.5 million tons for the Supply Commodities Authority, at a rate of 25% of the total production, at the rate of a ton of rice barley for each cultivated acre.

In the event of refraining from delivering the barley rice, the farmer shall be penalized by not allowing him to plant rice in the following year, in addition to not disbursing subsidized fertilizers and agricultural pesticides for a year for all types of crops. tons, and whoever refuses to deliver the specified quantities is obligated to pay it.

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