Leak reveals: iPhone 15 will arrive without buttons permanently

Apple’s next iPhone series will be called the iPhone 15, which is expected to be the most drastic change we could eventually see, as a leak of analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reveals that the high-end iPhone 15 model – iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max – could abandon About the power and volume buttons to become “virtual” or “Solid State Button” in the body of the phone and not as tactile as previous versions.

Kuo explains how the “Solid State Button” design will work in the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models in a series of tweets, as the analyst compares the solid state power and volume buttons to the new home button introduced with the iPhone 7.

Similar to the Home button on the iPhone 7/8 and the latest iPhone SE models, the solid-state power and volume buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro models will use Apple’s Taptic Engine to mimic vibration, so upcoming high-end iPhone models will see an increase in the number of Taptic Engines.

Currently, the iPhone uses a Taptic Engine with or without Touch ID, although iPhone 15 Pro models with a solid-state button design will come with three Taptic Engines, each on the left and right sides.

It is believed that getting rid of the physical buttons would enhance the structural integrity of the iPhone and improve water resistance, and this could become a marketing point for next year’s iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max (or Urtla), meanwhile, the standard iPhone 15 models will stick to the physical buttons.

Kuo further notes that high-end Android smartphones can also adopt a solid-state design for the power and volume buttons.

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