Learn about Afsha and Mohamed Sharif’s position on participating in Al-Ahly’s “Intilaaqah” in the Champions League

Al-Ahly’s medical staff confirmed that the team’s duo, Mohamed Sherif and Mohamed Magdy Afsha, will be able to catch the team’s first match in the new edition of the African Champions League, where the duo will have completed the rehabilitation program they are currently undergoing to recover from the latest injury.

Afsha had performed a “hernia in the abdominal wall” in a hospital in 6th of October City, and he is implementing a rehabilitation program, while Muhammad Sharif sustained an injury to the connective muscle.

Al-Ahly is preparing for the start of the new season, which begins in the first week of next October, with the 32nd round of the African Champions League against the winner of facing the Monastir Union or the Rwandan army in the preliminary round of the African Champions League.

Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, head of Al-Ahly’s medical apparatus, talked about the date of the return of Muhammad Magdy Afsha and Muhammad Sharif to participate in Al-Ahly’s collective training, and said that the players continue to implement their rehabilitation program; In order to prepare for a return to group training

The head of the medical system explained that Afsha returns to group training within a week, while Muhammad Sharif will organize training after ten days, according to the medical assessment of the duo’s condition.

Mohamed Magdy Afsha and Mohamed Sharif, players of the team, participated in qualifying exercises by running around the stadium and implementing some paragraphs within their rehabilitation program under the supervision of the medical staff, on the sidelines of Al-Ahly’s training, which was held this morning at the Touch Stadium.

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