Learn about the dependent apparatus of Pope Vasilio in Ghazl El Mahalla

Ghazl El-Mahalla Club announced the assistant coach of Cypriot coach Papa Vassilio to take over the coaching of the club’s first football team, replacing Mustafa Abdo, the former coach of the team.

The assistant coach for the Cypriot coach came as follows:

The Ghazl El-Mahalla page was published on the social networking site Facebook for Greece’s landmarks, in reference to the contract with the former Wadi Degla coach, and wrote on the video: “Welcome,” and also posted a picture of the new coach saying: “Ladies, ladies and gentlemen, welcome our new coach, Nicodemus Papavasiliou.”

Ali Al-Abbasi, head of the football company at Ghazl El-Mahalla Club, decided to pay the dues of the team’s players during the next 48 hours before returning from the negative rest granted by the technical staff to the players in preparation for the new season.

Ghazl El-Mahalla players will have some dues from the finished season, bonuses for matches, and remaining in the Egyptian Premier League next season, after fierce competition.

The board of directors of Ghazl Al-Mahalla Football Company is seeking to conclude some strong deals to support the team next season in light of the fierce competition in the championship next season, and it has won an advanced position in the competition ranking table.

Ghazl El-Mahalla team finished the Egyptian Premier League championship in fifteenth place with 36 points, as it managed to win 7 matches, tied in 15 matches and was defeated in 12 matches.

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