Learn about the most important commodities of the decline in Egyptian spending on them due to the Ukrainian-Russian crisis

The data of the study conducted by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics showed the most important commodities whose consumption was affected by the crisis, whether by decrease or increase. It is noted that the percentages of families whose consumption of all commodities has decreased, in varying proportions, are also evident. All goods.

The study conducted by the agency under the title “The Impact of the Ukrainian-Russian Crisis on Egyptian Families” showed the most important food and non-food commodities that changed the household consumption pattern after the crisis. of households), fish (92.5% of households), rice (74.7% of households), eggs, oil and fruit (about 70% of households), and it was found that (103%) of households increased their consumption of bread, cinema (11%) increased their consumption of legumes compared to their consumption pattern before the crisis.

It is clear that 50% of families have decreased their spending on transportation services and clothes, while it became clear that about (3%) of the matter increased their spending on clothes and transportation compared to their spending pattern before the crisis.

The statistics authority said that Ukraine and Russia are major sources of food products for many countries in the Middle East and Africa, and the Ukrainian-Russian crisis resulted in a decrease in the preparation of grains by both countries, which resulted in a rise in international prices for those products and consequently a rise in food prices, especially wheat, rice and oil.

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