Learn about the salaries of employees in major technology companies

CNBC revealed the salaries of employees in major technology companies such as “Apple” and “Google”, based on new official data, and the site said that “it has become very easy to know how much some of the largest technology companies in the world pay, And that’s thanks to the introduction of new payroll transparency laws across the United States.”

And according to the “statement” website, as of January 1, California and Washington joined New York City and Colorado in legally requiring employers to publish salary ranges in their job advertisements, and California’s wage range law was particularly striking, because this state “is home to 19 million workers, more than 20% of companies fortune 500especially tech giants such as Apple, Google and Meta“.

The site compiled a list of what some of the largest and most dynamic technology companies are paying for current job openings in California, Washington, New York and elsewhere.

It should be noted that the salaries of these majors are annual:

Amazon: Director of Engineering, $220,000 to $298,000.

Apple: Engineering Director iOSfrom $229,000 to $378,000.

Google: Vice President of Engineering, $550,000.

Microsoft: Director of Content Design, $259,000 to $277,000.

Meta: Associate General Counsel, $190,000 to $256,000.

Cisco: Director of User Experience Research, $314,000.

Twitter: Payroll Officer, $162,000 to $226,000.

The site also published another list of salaries according to the “job title”:

Software engineer: $132,000 to $200,000.

Product manager: $130,000 to $197,000.

Account executive: from $111,000 to $147,000.

Product Designer: $123,000 to $188,000.

Data Scientist: $154,000 to $212,000.

HR business partner: $92,000 to $139,000

Office manager: $71,000 to $76,000.

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