Learn about the story of the legend of belly dancing, who died the worst… She burned her father’s heart, so he prayed that she would not smell the scent of heaven.!! (tragic details)

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From the womb of the suffering family to one of the pioneers of the art of belly dancing, Zeinat Alawi, the legend of belly dancing and the most famous stick dancer ever.

She was born on May 4, 1912 in the customs area in Alexandria, to a father who works as a merchant of Moroccan origin.

Zeinat decided to escape from Alexandria because of her father’s cruel treatment and to come to Cairo where there are lights and fame, and it is said that her father called her after her escape not to smell the scent of heaven.

Zeenat began her artistic life by working as a dancer in some artistic groups, such as Badiya Al-Masabani Troupe, and Al-Qassar.

The late artist Najib Al-Rihani saw her at Badiya Al-Masabani Casino, so he offered her to participate in a theatrical work, and chose her artistic name Zina.

Theatrical performances rained Zeinat, then she began her artistic career in the world of cinema in 1951, and her first appearance was through the movie “Shabak Habibi”, after which many shows came to her.

Zeinat participated in nearly 40 films, most notably the films: “The Bravest Man in the World”, “Adham Al-Sharqawi”, “The Wife 13”, “Raya and Sakina”, “Ismail Yassin in the Fleet”, and others. Movies. else.

Zeinat Alawi retired from art in 1971, refused to marry and lived her life in complete isolation, and her death was tragic, as her body was discovered in her home in Cairo on January 5, 1988, three days after her death, at that age. 58 years old.

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