Learn the most important general tips before buying a used car

Many of us have some kind of anxiety and mistrust when buying a used car for fear of fraud and theft.. Therefore, “The Seventh Day” offers a set of tips and information that you should be keen to know about the used car that you decide to buy through the following:

First: It is necessary to know the age of use of this car, because the older the used car is, be more careful with the performance of the engine, wheels and other parts, as some say by tampering with the car’s meter numbers for kilometers and thus deceived in the car, that is, the lower the average number of kilometers traveled per day The more the better.

Second: Make sure of the base color of the car and the chassis numbers so that none of the common types of scams occur

Third: Make sure of the type of gearbox, is it automatic or manual, if it is not the type you want, then there is no need for the rest of the questions and look for another car.

Fourth: You must check the condition of the general car structure and note the presence of rust, for example, or cracks or traces of collisions.

Fifth: It is necessary to ascertain the period during which the engine oil and oil filter are replaced, and who was performing this service was it the maintenance center of the car or outside the agency, especially since some cars present the history of the car on the computer through complete service records.

Sixth: It is necessary to know the seller and whether he is the original owner of the car? What is the reason behind selling the car?

If the sale is by proxy, the previous agencies should be traced, the history and sequence of the previous owners of the car should be known, and it must be ensured that they paid the fines related to the car until the date of purchase.

Seventh: Knowing the availability of spare parts and services easily for this car. Where can spare parts and services be obtained?

A vehicle purchase should be avoided if spare parts and services are not readily available.

Eighth: You must know how to check out the used car by observing how the used car is parked and make sure that the car is parked almost horizontally. If it is not, the suspension springs may be broken or the car may have been damaged as a result of a traffic accident.

Ninth: The four tires of the car must be checked for the equal wear of the grooves of the tires that are of the same make and model, you have to doubt if the front tires are of a different brand than the mark of the rear tires, as some car owners put a new pair of front tires to hide the tire wear Unevenness due to problems with the steering and suspension systems.

Tenth: You must look at the bottom of the car for oil leakage from the engine, gearbox, differential gears and shock absorbers.

Finally: The color of the cooling water must be checked (it must be green, red, floating substances, or oil), and make sure that the level of the brake fluid and the fluid in the steering system is normal, and for a car with an automatic gearbox, make sure that the fluid level is correct and that the fluid is not emitted from it. Burning smell, and when starting the engine, check both the exhaust smoke, the various noises, and make sure that the car is running smoothly, the edges of the seats should be checked for any wear and that the driver’s seat is not broken, if you notice noticeable wear but the car meter gives low readings From the kilometers the car may be used for commercial purposes or the odometer has been tampered with and ensure that all the meters are working in the car control panel.

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