Limited changes in the formation of Al-Ahly in front of the interior in the league

The Swiss coach, Marcel Koller, Al-Ahly coach, settled on making limited changes in the team’s formation during the internal match in the league championship, and Koller intends to maintain the stability of the formation in which he plays the current matches, with the exception of some forced changes to injury or suspension.

Al-Ahly will meet the Ministry of Interior at five in the evening next Wednesday in the third round of the league championship in the new Suez Stadium, which is the match that Al-Ahly wants to achieve the third victory in the league competition after winning the first and second rounds over Ismaili and Aswan with one result, which is a clean goal..

Taher Mohamed Taher is absent from Al-Ahly in the Al-Dakhiliya match to be suspended after he was expelled in the Ismaili match in the first round of the league championship, where he was suspended for two matches. He missed the first match against Aswan and will miss the next Interior match.

The Swiss coach prefers not to make many changes in the formation, so the changes in front of the interior will be simple due to the absence of Taher Mohamed Taher and waiting for the position of Mohamed Abdel Moneim.

On the other hand, the Swiss Marcel Koehler, Al-Ahly’s technical director, discusses with Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, the team’s doctor, the position and arrangements for the surgery that Mohamed Abdel Moneim, the team’s player, will undergo “in the nose” during the coming days – and perhaps hours -.

Kohler is discussing with Abu Abla the date of the surgery and other arrangements related to the player’s participation in training and matches after this surgery.

In this regard, Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla said that he is making the necessary arrangements in preparation for Mohamed Abdel Moneim to undergo nasal surgery, after he suffered a fracture that caused a distortion in the nasal bone..

Al-Ahly’s mission arrived at Cairo airport yesterday afternoon, Saturday, after winning the Egyptian Super Cup at the expense of Zamalek with two goals for free in the match that brought together the two teams in the evening at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Ahly succeeded in achieving the Super Cup title for the 12th time in its history, after winning the match with two goals without a response, scored by Bruno Savio and Karim Fouad, to enhance its record as the club that won the most championship title.

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