Liverpool: Mohamed Salah is able to lead the Reds out of crises

The English website “” praised the Egyptian level Mohamed Salah The star of the Liverpool football team, despite the recent results of the Reds in various competitions, stressing that his club knows very well that relying on his star is the way out of these crises.

In a report, the website explained that in these critical moments, the greats are expected to step forward and be team makers, and lead the revival of their team rather than the pursuit of individual awards, and fortunately, Salah has already shown that he can take on this responsibility.

He added that Liverpool were flying at high speed in the middle of the 2020/21 season, but when his fortunes collapsed, Salah really advanced to lead his team into the top four.

The newspaper pointed out that Salah’s situation is currently similar to basketball icon LeBron James, who is experiencing a difficult time at the present time with his team, “Los Angeles Lakers.”

And she continued that on an individual level, James performed well, averaging 25.8 points per game, and 7.3 assists, but the “Lakers” position in the American League is not satisfactory at all, and this represents a disastrous weakness in performance, which casts a shadow on the James’s individual level is typical.

Meanwhile, Liverpool’s biggest star, Mohamed Salah, has found himself in a similar boat. There is a narrative that Salah, along with Virgil van Dijk, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Fabinho, have not reached their usual levels this season, but like James, Salah’s numbers are very good. .

Salah directly participated in 16 goals in his first 18 games this season (he scored 11 and made five), which is his third best start to this season with Liverpool.

He pointed out that six of Salah’s 11 goals came in the Champions League, where he shares the top scorer with Kylian Mbappe of Paris Saint-Germain, but he scored only four goals in the English Premier League, and Liverpool achieved four victories from five matches in the Champions League, while it ranks ninth in the league.

Many indicated that this was due to coach Jurgen Klopp’s use of Mohamed Salah in a different position in the first part of the season, a problem that the manager has addressed since then by transferring him to the role of striker, according to the site.

Certainly, the prevailing narrative is unfair, just as James is not specifically responsible for the Lakers’ current struggles, but Liverpool know that relying on their star is the way out of this crisis.

Liverpool had continued its poor results this season in the English Premier League, after losing to its guest Leeds United by two goals against a goal in the match that brought them together last Saturday evening at Anfield Stadium in the framework of the fourteenth round.

Rodrigo Moreno advanced to Leeds in the fourth minute, and Egyptian star Mohamed Salah equalized the score for Liverpool in the 14th minute with a superb left-footed shot to reach his fourth goal this season in the competition, and Leeds United scored a fatal goal in the 89th minute through Crescencio Summerville.

The win is the third this season for Leeds United, to raise its score to 12 points in fifteenth place, while Liverpool suffered a fourth loss in the league, to freeze its score at 16 points in ninth place.

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