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Local Development: The state of emergency continues to be lifted in the governorates after meteorological warnings

The Ministry of Local Development directed the governorates to constantly raise the degree of preparedness in the governorates exposed to rain and weather fluctuations today and in the coming days, according to the forecasts of the Meteorological Authority, stressing the need to take a number of measures to ensure the readiness and ability to face any emergency conditions.

The Ministry of Local Development stressed to the governorates the necessity of alerting the heads of centers, cities, neighborhoods and local units to the field presence in the streets throughout the day, to follow up on the operations of suctioning water accumulations and stationing suction cars in places exposed to accumulations for the speed of water withdrawal, to reduce the effects caused by rain and not disrupt traffic movement. Streets, bridges, and houses, and take the necessary measures and measures in this regard.

The Meteorological Authority revealed details and places of opportunities rain fall Throughout the Republic, meteorologists expect chances of rain of varying intensity and sometimes thunder.

The Ministry of Local Development appealed to citizens in Greater Cairo and the governorates, especially the coastal governorates, to communicate with it in the event of complaints or monitoring the accumulation of rain water in any street, through the central operations room of the Ministry of Local Development at the numbers: 27957837, and 33356708, or fax 33378597, or through Your Voice is Heard initiative, through the WhatsApp number (01150606783) hotline number (15330), and through the initiative’s official page on the social networking site “Facebook” or via e-mail [email protected]

And the Meteorological Authority revealed the expected weather from Tuesday until next Friday, as the country is witnessing a decrease in temperatures, so that hot weather will prevail during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, South Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, moderate on the northern coasts, hot on southern Upper Egypt, gentle. Night at the beginning of the night tilted cold at the end of all parts.

“The Seventh Day” publishes details of the weather during this period and the most important weather phenomena, as follows:

A drop in temperatures in most parts of the republic.

Mild cold weather in the late hours of the night and early morning in the north of the country until northern Upper Egypt.

Wednesday 2 November:

Light to medium rain in areas of the northern coasts and northern Lower Egypt, intermittently.

Light rain in areas of southern Lower Egypt at intermittent intervals.

Wind activity occasionally over areas of southern Sinai at intermittent periods.

Thursday 3rd November:

Light rain on areas of the eastern coasts intermittently.

Wind activity occasionally over areas of southern Sinai and northern Upper Egypt at intermittent periods.

From Friday 4 November to Sunday 6 November:

Wind activity occasionally over areas of southern Sinai at intermittent periods.

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