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“London Front” appoints Zayit to succeed Mounir and adheres to the leadership of the “Brotherhood”

A few hours after the news of the death of Ibrahim Mounir, the leader of the “London Front”, one of the warring fronts over the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the front decided to appoint Mohieddin Al-Zayt as his successor until announcing who would act as the acting guide.

And announced the front, which resides the majority of its members in the British capital, London, its adherence to the leadership of the group and the rebuilding of its institutions. She indicated, according to a press release issued today, Saturday, that these institutions have been “convened” since the announcement of Ibrahim Mounir’s death to arrange matters, and will remain in session until announcing who will be the deputy guide and acting incumbent to succeed Mounir.

She mentioned that Ibrahim Mounir had assigned Mohi El-Din El-Zayt, a vice-chairman of the authority that performs the functions of the Guidance Office, to help him arrange administrative matters. The statement confirmed Zayet’s pledge to “preserve the group and its role.”

Who is Al-Zayt?

Al-Zayt’s full name is: Mohi Al-Din Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Zayt, one of the leaders of the group’s Shura Council, and his name is on the lists of terrorism in Egypt. He was accused of inciting terrorism and insulting the Egyptian military establishment.

He assumed leadership of the Brotherhood’s administrative office in Giza Governorate and was responsible for student work in the group.

In his first statements after declaring his succession to Munir, Al-Zayt said that he would assume “administrative tasks within the group temporarily, until the completion of its internal institutions,” explaining that his front would announce within less than a month “all new administrative matters.”

He stressed that he would work to “reunite the group.” And not to enter the struggle for power in Egypt“.

Yesterday, Friday, he announced The death of Ibrahim Munir Al-Qaim The work of the group’s guide and leader of the “London Front” at the age of 85 years.

Ibrahim Mounir

Brotherhood journalist Osama Gawish said that Ibrahim Mounir participated last Thursday evening with the leaders of his front in a meeting on some developments within the group and its preparations for what it calls “the November 11 movement.” At the time, he was asked about the Brotherhood’s position on supporting this movement, and he replied: “They dealt with it positively.”

Gawish revealed that Mounir had a severe headache Dizzy was forced to leave The meeting then died hours later.

The struggle of two fronts

It is noteworthy that the conflict between the Istanbul and London fronts within the group had witnessed a temporary calm in the recent period, after each of them claimed that a message of support and support had been received from the group’s guide who is in Egyptian prisons, Muhammad Badi. The Istanbul Front confirmed that it had received a message of support from the leader to its leader, Mahmoud Hussein, and demanded him to stop any division in the organization’s ranks and to make every effort to solve the detainees’ crisis, which was also mentioned by the London Front.

The schism officially began in December 2021, with the Istanbul Front declaring that Ibrahim Munir was relieved of the duties of the group’s general guide and assigning Mustafa Tolba to carry out his duties. A third trend has recently emerged that is fighting for the leadership of the group, affiliated with the “Kamali Front” in relation to Muhammad Kamal, the Brotherhood leader who was killed in clashes with the security forces in 2016, and he was leading the Brotherhood’s armed committees.

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