Magdy Ahmed Ali reveals: “I knew that my son was drinking drugs and stealing from me.”

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Saturday 29 October 2022

Books – Wael Tawfik:

Director Magdy Ahmed Ali revealed that he knew that his son, the artist Ahmed Magdy, used drugs and stole money from him during his high school studies, while he was hosting the “The Stubborn” program broadcast on the “Al Shams” channel.

He said: “I was surprised that he said these words, of course I know, he is stupid if he imagines that I do not know, I know everything, of course I mean, I know because this is young people and this age is exposed to these needs, and there is money that decreases from my pocket, but Ahmed is not old He was a failure, in the 3 years with a secondary education he was very successful, he never fell into a subject, he was supposed to enter a cinema institute, he did not enter, but after that he entered the rights of Ain Shams, it is more difficult than the rights of Ain Shams in the world, I was saying that he would take it in 10 years, no year has fallen into a subject, it was compensated by studying a lot, with intelligence and the ability to understand.”

He added: “And drug use does not affect me or anything, as long as it is not addictive, as long as this is done by the needs of young people, not drugs of the addictive type. A size larger than her size, Ahmed Shail was responsible and he was 6 years old, we used to go out with his mother and I, with his brother-in-law at home, and with him the responsibility of his daughters sisters, he eats and drinks them and we come to find him in their bed.

It is reported that Ahmed Magdy said during his appearance on the “With You” program: “In a second secondary school, I wanted to stay cole and saye, and attend school, a teenager, I mean, I want to stay verified, I was very unsuccessful, and completely lost, I was drinking a lot of drugs, I was stealing my parents, I was difficult, this is what happened in secondary school, I stayed for a year like this, I was very difficult.”

The movie “2 Talaat Harb” is the latest work of director Magdy Ahmed Ali, starring: Samir Sabry, Ahmed Wafik, Ahmed Magdy, Abeer Sabry, Mido Adel, Mayar El Ghaiti, and directed by Magdy Ahmed Ali.

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