Magdy Fekry supports his nephew Tariq Lotfy and accompanies him with his mother’s body in the funeral prayer

The keenness of the artist Magdy Fikry – the uncle of the artist Tariq LotfY, for the support of his nephew, and his sympathy for the death of his mother, who passed away from our world this morning after her struggle with illness.

Majdi Fikry told “The Seventh Day” that he is currently accompanied by Tariq Lutfi, and they are present as his mother’s body, in preparation for the funeral prayer for her from the Police Mosque in the assembly after the Asr prayer, indicating that the family will receive condolences next Sunday from the same mosque.

mention that Tariq Lutfi He revealed the death of his mother this morning through his Facebook account, according to the books: “I moved to the mercy of God, my dear mother.

And a number of artists were keen to support the artist Tariq Lutfi and his condolences, including the artist Wafaa Amer, who wrote through her account on “Instagram”: “Survival is for God and permanence for God, sincere condolences and sympathy for the death of the mother of the artist, Tariq Lutfi,” as the artist Fathi Abdel Wahhab wrote through his account on “Facebook”: “Survival is for God and perpetuity is for God. My sincere condolences to my friend Tariq Lutfi on the death of his mother. May God have mercy on her and give him patience.”

And “Lutfi” presented last Ramadan 2022 the series “Ghamam Island”, which won great success at the time of its presentation, and co-starred with: Fathi Abdel Wahhab, Mai Ezz El Din, Ahmed Amin, Riyad El Khouly, and a large number of artists, and it was directed by Hussein El Manbawi. Written by Abdul Rahim Kamal.

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