Mahmoud Mohieldin: Climate action must lead to addressing society’s problems

The Sharm El-Sheikh Conference enhances the regional and local dimensions of climate action through two unprecedented initiatives

Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, Climate Pioneer for the Egyptian Presidency of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention COP27 and the United Nations Special Envoy for Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, stressed that the 27th Conference of the Parties is interested in finding solutions that make climate action an area to treat society’s problems and crises, not exacerbate them.

This came during a lecture he gave at the Green Economy Forum within the activities of the Green Economy Ambassadors initiative launched by Sadat City University, with the participation of Dr. Khaled Jaafar, President of the University.

Mohieldin said that the conference seeks to implement climate action without ignoring the crises the world is going through, such as the increase in fuel and food prices, and the increase in poverty rates around the world, especially after the Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Mohieldin explained that climate action will not be feasible if it leads to an increase in poverty and unemployment rates, stressing the need to adopt a comprehensive approach that links the achievement of climate goals and other sustainable development goals.

He added that climate action should not be limited to reducing harmful emissions, but must also include adapting to climate changes, addressing losses and damages resulting from them, as well as mobilizing the necessary funding for all aspects of climate action.

He stated that there would be no room for more promises and pledges in the Conference of the Parties without a specific framework for their implementation through the concerted efforts of governments, international organizations, the private sector, civil society institutions, companies, universities and research centers.

He referred to the interest of the 27th Conference of the Parties to enhance the regional and local dimensions of climate action through two unprecedented initiatives, namely the initiative of the five regional forums that were coordinated with the United Nations and resulted in about 400 regional projects worldwide, 50 of which will be presented during the Sharm el-Sheikh conference to start actual implementation. It has, and the smart green projects initiative launched by the Egyptian government and its results will be presented during the conference as a model for the settlement of development and climate work.

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