Mark Zuckerberg introduces group chat feature on Messenger

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced the launch of a group chat feature on Messenger and Facebook to help people build instant social connections around their common interests.

“We will start testing the ability to launch group chats directly in Messenger and expand the chat experience to include more Facebook groups in the coming weeks,” Mark said.

Group chats help people connect with their communities in real time about topics they care about on both Facebook and Messenger via text, audio, and video.

Admins can start a conversation about a specific topic and get instant responses instead of waiting for people to comment on a post.

Instead of navigating between multiple topics in a single group chat in Messenger, people can use group chats to organize chats into categories so that group members can easily find what interests them most.

For example: A band’s fan group could have a “Breaking News” category with chats dedicated to following and discussing new album releases, concert dates, and group activities.

Group chats will allow people to connect with their communities on Messenger as well as friends and family.

People can choose from several options to help their communities connect, including:

Chats for group members on a specific topic.

Chat Events to arrange an outing or get-together.

A display-only group message chat that is used by administrators to announce group-wide updates.

Chat for admins only to collaborate with administrators and moderators.

Audio channels for up to 30 group members to share live feedback or receive instant support. (For example, the admin of a Facebook group for chemistry students can create audio channels for study groups during exam season, and participants can play video for lessons being streamed live. Group chats can only be accessed by group members.)

Due to the public nature of community chats, Meta has developed a powerful set of tools to help administrators easily manage chat and voice experiences, including:

Moderation capabilities such as blocking, muting or suspending group members, and removing members or messages.

Admin Assistant, which allows administrators to automatically define custom criteria that will suspend users, delete reported messages, and stop sending messages from ineligible users or that contain offensive content.

Community chats members can also report messages to group admins or meta, block users, or leave the chat at any time.

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