Member of Engineering Industries: The golden license supports the industry and attracts new investments

Nazih Saleh, a member of the Chamber of Engineering Industries in the Federation of Egyptian Industries, said that the golden license will strongly support the industrial sector and industrial projects, due to the facilities it provides, attracting new investments and empowering the private sector.

A member of the Chamber of Engineering Industries at the Federation of Egyptian Industries added, in exclusive statements to the seventh day, that the golden license will provide thousands of job opportunities within a short period of establishing national factories, while providing local products of international quality suitable for use in the Egyptian market and exporting abroad, which reduces pressure on the dollar and saves money. Hard currency.

He explained that President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, is interested in the state’s cooperation with businessmen to remove all obstacles faced by investors during the last 8 years and greatly helps to encourage the Egyptian industry and localize the local product by issuing decisions and facilities to achieve the dream of 100 billion Egyptian exports in an honorable manner through presidential initiatives And decisions, the latest of which is the golden license to support industrialists, investors and exporters.

He pointed out that the foreign investor always seeks stable and safe markets, stressing that Egypt is distinguished by being among the countries that enjoy security and political stability since President Abdel-Sisi took office, which means that it is a great incentive for foreign investors to enter strongly into the Egyptian market, which helps to provide thousands of investment opportunities significantly. .

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