Member of the Health Care Chamber: Medical companies have invested in green transformation

Dr. Hani Hafez, a member of the Board of Directors of the Health Care Chamber of the Federation of Industries, revealed that, in conjunction with Egypt’s organization of the COP27 Climate Summit, companies operating in the medical care sector are keen to continue their investment plans towards a green transformation, in order for their activities to comply with environmental requirements to reduce the high rates of pollution.

Hafez added, during press statements today, that the climate conference came at a time when the world is suffering from the negative effects of climate changes that have increased after industrial wealth, and it was necessary for everyone to unite to confront this danger that threatens the existence of humanity, and despite the fact that the investments of the medical sector It is considered one of the least polluting of the environment, but all those in charge of it were keen to respond; calls for the need to preserve the environment by allocating investments in millions of pounds; To make their medical institutions and companies compatible with the environment, and implement Egypt’s strategy towards transforming into a green economy.

The member of the Board of Directors of the Health Care Chamber indicated that the investments of medical companies for the green transformation will enhance the consumption of clean energy by relying on solar energy; To meet its needs, reduce its consumption of electricity, invest in recycling medical waste, reduce water waste and safely reuse it, and increase the percentage of planted areas of trees in order to reduce carbon dioxide, explaining that the companies’ plans came at a difficult time as a result; Due to the decline in its revenues from the effects of the Russian-Ukrainian war, it is keen to implement these investments as a social responsibility.

Hafez added that many hospitals and medical centers in Egypt have become a model for green transformation globally, as a number of them use them to provide advice to other companies towards achieving environmental sustainability, calling for the necessity of providing low-interest or zero-interest loans; To encourage companies operating in the medical sector and the private sector to switch green, as they require high investments that some companies cannot afford.

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