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Meteorology: A rise in temperatures until the end of this week

said the doctor Manar Ghanemmember of the media center in the Commission Met Weather, the change in the weather in January and the rise in temperatures due to the extension of an air elevation in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which helps to increase the periods of sunshine during the day, in addition to the air masses coming from the eastern desert, which increase the feeling of warmth during the daytime periods..

Ghanem added, during a telephone conversation with the media, Engy Anwar, on the “New Egypt” program, which is broadcast on satellite TV. “etc” Today, Tuesday, temperatures continue to rise gradually until the end of the week, reaching 21 to 23 degrees in Cairo during the day, and significantly decreasing at night to record 10 degrees..

And she pointed out that the southern regions also have high temperatures, to record 27 degrees, but with the absence of sunlight they also decrease significantly, and it records 5 degrees in North Sinai, and frost forms on crops during night periods due to the low temperature, while it is 3 degrees in Saint Catherine. These areas are among the coldest places in Egypt today.

Ghanem stressed that the chances of rain are fading during the current period in all regions, warning of several weather phenomena, the most important of which is the water cloud, which is dense and formed in the early morning and fades with the absence of sunlight..

And a member of the media center of the Meteorological Authority warned against changing the quality of clothes during the current period and not to be deceived by the temperatures during the day, and to keep wearing winter clothes, although the high temperatures continue until next Monday.

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