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Meteorology: the continuation of rain for 3 days is common, and the chances of rain will be limited tomorrow

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Qayati, a member of the Media Center confirmed to the Meteorological AuthorityHe warned them about fluctuations in the weather today, and we were exposed to a depression, saying: “We issued forecasts yesterday and said that there will be rain that will extend to Greater Cairo, and that there will be a depression that will attract rain.”

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Qayati, in a phone call to the program “From Egypt”, with the journalist Amr Khalil, on the CBC channel, denied what was rumored during the last hours that this wave of rain continues for three days, saying: “The talk is that this situation continues. For a period of 3 days is common, and rain continues tomorrow, but the chances of rain are less than today.”

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Qayati pointed out that the current intensity of rain, according to satellite images, has started to head east at the cities of the canal, and the rain has started to enter there in abundance now, and the rain is heavy and thunderous there, and the regions in eastern Cairo join it, and this wave is fast and its passage does not exceed 48 hours.

And the General Authority of Meteorology revealed that the latest satellite images indicate the concentration of rainy thunderclouds over Ismailia Governorate, accompanied by rains of varying intensity.

Tomorrow, there will be weak chances of light rain in separate areas and intermittent periods in Greater Cairo, with an incidence of 30%, medium rain with an incidence of 60% on the northeastern coasts and the canal cities, and chances of light to medium rain with an incidence of 40% on the northwestern coasts, Lower Egypt and the Gulf of Suez. And the chances of medium rain may reach torrential rain in northern and central Sinai, light to medium rain with an incidence of 40% in southern Sinai, the Red Sea mountain ranges, and light rain with an incidence of 30% in northern Upper Egypt.

As for the temperatures, tomorrow, Monday: Cairo will have highs of 18 degrees, lows of 12 degrees, Alexandria highs of 19 and lows of 13, Matrouh highs of 18 and lows of 13, Sohag will have highs of 20 and lows of 09, Qena will highs of 21 and lows of 09, and Aswan will be highs of 22 degrees. The lowest is 10 degrees.

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