Microsoft fixes a problem with the Xbox Series X .. know the details

Most companies use digital rights management (DRM) to protect the copyright of their digital media with technology that restricts the copying and sale of copyrighted works and software, and this prevents users from burning games to CDs for sharing and selling purposes, as is used by game companies (including Microsoft ) to authenticate game purchases.

Earlier, one of the major issues with the Xbox Series X consoles was Microsoft’s online digital rights management that did not allow players to access games purchased after outages or other issues.

Users have also complained that Xbox One disc games can’t be accessed along with offline titles while offline, Microsoft has now fixed this issue with a recent update that won’t force players to perform an online scan or download from an Xbox One disc.

Emphasizing the offline gaming experience for an Xbox user, engineering lead Eden Marie confirmed that users have recently started noticing the new change that was already included with Update 2206 released earlier this summer.

He said the company had checked the data since the launch of the Series X consoles | S and decided that an online compatibility check is not necessary “in the vast majority of cases of Xbox One discs.” However, some addresses may still have to be updated online after installation to “ensure the best experience,” she added.

What was causing the problem?

This Xbox series X console issue was related to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery system which did not allow users to install a game directly from disc when inserting different types of game discs (Xbox One / Xbox Series X) on a new console.

Instead, the new console was used to install an updated version of the game from the Internet even when Series X consoles were fully capable of playing most Xbox One titles directly from disc.

This means that users can now play many offline games that are either Xbox One or Xbox Series X branded.

However, the new consoles will not allow users to play original Xbox or Xbox 360 games without updates.

Offline play on Xbox: exceptions

Xbox series X consoles require users to create and sign in to an account to access games, so users must be online at least once during console setup. Apart from this, there are some games (known as “stubs”) like Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infinite that do not include the full version of the game, so users will also need to be connected to the internet to download the latest game versions, expansion packs, and more.

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