Microsoft introduces a new feature for its MFA application .. to prevent spam attacks

According to ZDNet, the company has rolled out “number matching” in push notifications that will help prevent mail-based MFA attacks. Random notifications.

When Match Number is enabled, the Authenticator app asks the user to enter the number displayed on the login screen rather than simply selecting “Agree” when approving the MFA request, this would be a useful feature for administrators whose users were not prepared for an MFA attack.

The feature is also available to admins for now, but the company wants to make “number matching” the default for all Authenticator users in February 2023, and to avoid unintended consents, admins can also set up Authenticator to use app context and site context.

After the new feature becomes the default feature of the Authenticator app, the Administrator rollout controls will be removed, and earlier this year, researchers discovered so-called “MFA fatigue attacks” targeting Office 365 users.

In those attacks, the attackers constantly triggered MFA push alerts while trying to log into the victim’s account using a previously compromised password. What.

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