Minister of Industry: Preparing a list of investment opportunities available in the industrial sector

Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, received Ambassador Suha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, and her accompanying delegation.

The meeting reviewed ways to enhance cooperation and joint coordination between the two ministries to enable Egyptians residing abroad to participate in national, development and investment projects in Egypt during the current stage to benefit from their great energies and expertise to serve the national economy. A large number of productive and service sectors contribute to enhancing the participation of Egyptian communities abroad in investment projects during the current stage.

The minister said that the ministry is keen to provide all aspects of support and assistance to this important project through the commercial representation body and commercial offices located in a large number of capitals and major cities around the world, as well as through all the ministry’s agencies concerned with providing services and facilities for industrial investments, pointing to the importance of this project in Supporting the national economy and providing more job opportunities for young people, in addition to maximizing the benefit of Egyptians abroad from the great investment opportunities and components of the Egyptian economy at present.

Samir pointed out that the ministry will provide the Ministry of Immigration with a list of investment opportunities available in the industrial sector, especially those that achieve the ministry’s vision and objectives towards localizing and deepening the local manufacturing of these products with the aim of maximizing the utilization of available resources and capabilities and increasing their added value, indicating the ministry’s readiness to prepare preliminary feasibility studies. Industrial projects that will be identified within the framework of the new company’s business plan

The Minister of Trade and Industry indicated the government’s keenness to provide more facilities and incentives for investors to pump their investments into the Egyptian market, and to benefit from the system of trade agreements that Egypt has with a large number of countries and economic blocs, which allow the Egyptian product to reach more than 2 billion people around the world.

For her part, Ambassador Suha Gendy, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptians Abroad Affairs, indicated that a working group is currently being formed that includes all ministries and relevant authorities to start taking executive steps for the Egyptians Abroad Company project, as well as identifying targeted activities in the various investment sectors and major national projects, noting that the Egyptian market It has distinct investment opportunities that meet the investment trends of the Egyptian communities abroad, according to what was presented to it in the fields of medical, real estate, infrastructure, savings vessels, industrial and agricultural fields, as well as the fields of animal production and fish farms.

The minister noted that the company to be established will include a group of subsidiary companies covering a large number of investment sectors, noting that the ministry has surveyed the opinions of various Egyptian communities abroad about their investment orientations in the Egyptian market, as the company’s fields are scheduled to cover a large number of proposed projects.

The Minister of Immigration stressed the importance of expanding the establishment of Egyptian trade fairs for Egyptian food products and agricultural commodities in the Egyptian Gulf countries, especially in light of the increasing demand by the Egyptian communities in these countries for these products during the current stage, proposing to provide more incentives to the organizers of the various foreign exhibitions.

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