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Minister of Solidarity: Exempting the elderly over 70 from paying public transportation fare

Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, witnessed a celebration International Day of Older Persons Organized by the Ministry under the auspices of the Minister of Solidarity, and in the presence of Ayman Abdel Mawgoud, Assistant Minister of Social Solidarity for Civil Work Affairs, Dr. Mervat Sabreen, Assistant Minister of Social Solidarity for Protection and Social Safety Networks, Mohamed Ashmawi, Vice Chairman of Nasser Social Bank, Counselor Mohamed Omar El-Kamary, Legal Adviser to the Ministry, and Sheikh Magdy Ashour, the religious awareness advisor in the ministry, the artist Muhammad Abu Daoud, Dr. Osama Kabil and Dr. Marwa Yassin, professor of media at Beni Suef University, and directors of the directorates of social solidarity at the level of the Republic. for the elderly and in appreciation of their position.

The ceremony witnessed the honoring of a number of the elderly and retired leaders of the ministry in recognition of their status and the expertise they provided throughout their work period.

The Minister of Social Solidarity stressed that the state respects fulfilling the rights of the elderly through its commitment to implement what was stated in the constitution in Article No. 83, which stipulates the state’s commitment to guaranteeing the rights of the elderly, health, social, economic, cultural and recreational, and providing an appropriate pension that guarantees them a decent life, and enabling them to participate. In public life, this is in addition to encouraging civil society organizations to participate in caring for the elderly, and the National Human Rights Strategy approved by the President of the Republic in September 2021 mentioned the rights of the elderly within the third axis under the title of promoting human rights for women, children, and people with disabilities, The young, the old.

Al-Kabbaj explained that the elderly are one of the groups that the Ministry of Social Solidarity attaches great importance to in providing various services according to their privacy and needs, with the importance of exploiting their abilities and potential to be employed to contribute to development processes and the advancement of society, and that for the first time a draft law on the rights of the elderly was issued, which was approved by the Council of Ministers. It is being discussed in the House of Representatives in preparation for its issuance before the end of 2022. The Ministry of Social Solidarity is also keen to provide social protection services, which are summed up in about 7.4 million pension files, and 500 thousand beneficiaries of cash support “Karama”, in addition to providing social welfare services in 164 care institutions, 192 elderly clubs, 76 physiotherapy centers, and other services.

The Higher Committee for the Care of the Elderly in the Arab Republic of Egypt was also formed based on the decision of the Minister of Social Solidarity No. 432 on 12/9/2017 AD, which was re-formed by Ministerial Resolution No. 472 of 2022 and headed by the Minister of Social Solidarity and the membership of representatives of the parties concerned with the affairs of the elderly.

The Ministry launched the “Elderly Companion” project in 2019 with the aim of maintaining family cohesion and cohesion by providing home care for the elderly within his family to be an alternative to institutional care for the elderly, and the elderly were exempted from public transportation expenses, as the Ministry of Social Solidarity issued a decision exempting the elderly Over the age of 70 from public transportation expenses, including railways and the metro, in addition to an exemption for those who have reached the age of 65 years at a rate of 50%, and the Ministry of Social Solidarity bears the payment of these costs instead of them to the concerned ministry.

With regard to supporting the elderly and empowering them economically in cooperation with Nasser Social Bank, the “Give Back” certificate was offered to the credited customers of the elderly of 60 years for a period of one year with a return of 10.75% annually or 10.25% per month, and another was offered for a certificate for a period of 3 years with a return of 15.25% The return is paid annually and 14.25% is paid monthly, in the interest of the bank to give the highest return in the banking market, within the framework of its role and interest in the elderly and providing them with all kinds of support and protection, as it is distinguished from other banks as a financial institution that links social and economic work at the same time. One, the bank also provided 1,000 good loans to pensioners with a total of 10 million pounds without interest, and provided 150 job opportunities for the elderly who are able to work to follow up on a covert loan.

Al-Qabbaj confirmed that the ministry provides health and social care for the “homeless” elderly, as the ministry, through the rapid intervention team, receives communications related to the “homeless” elderly category, and the complaints are examined on the ground and the necessary interventions are made to protect the elderly, whether by transferring the elderly to care homes. In order to receive all aspects of social care such as social and psychological rehabilitation, then communication with their families (in case the elderly is known to his family) with the aim of reintegrating them back into their families. In case the case needs to perform medical operations, this is done at the expense of the state, and in-kind assistance is provided to cases that refuse to move, especially in crises such as the winter months and the subsequent cold weather and rainfall that may sometimes reach Seoul, where blankets and hot meals are distributed to them. For the prevention of cold.

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