Mobile Division: Locally producing smart phones is an indicator of the success of the national industry deepening strategy

The Mobile Traders Division of the Giza Chamber of Commerce confirmed that the expansion of international smartphone companies in manufacturing their products in the Egyptian market locally is a strong indicator of the success of the state’s strategy to deepen local manufacturing and increase the proportions of the local component in final products, specifically in the field of electronic industries, which drives production and doubles export rates.

Samsung Electronics Egypt announced the launch of the first batch of Samsung Galaxy A-class phones manufactured locally at its factory in Beni Suef Governorate, bearing the slogan “Made in Egypt”. The largest of phones in the Egyptian market to meet the demand for the company’s phones.

Mohamed Hedaya Al-Haddad, a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce in Giza and Vice President of the Mobile Dealers Division, revealed that Samsung has already launched two versions of its factory products in Beni Suef, namely the A13 model, which has been set at a consumer price of about 4500 pounds in the 64 GB category and 4740 pounds in the 128 GB category, while The price of the imported counterpart is 5135 pounds in the 64 GB category and 5660 in the 128 GB category, and the second model A23 was launched at a price of 5850 pounds for the speed class 4 and 6155 for the 6 speed class. In contrast, the prices of the importer of the same model 6390 for the speed class 4 and 6800 pounds for the 6 speed class.

Al-Haddad explained that the introduction of new locally produced models at much lower prices than their imported counterparts would greatly stimulate the mobile market, which has suffered a noticeable stagnation during the recent period, and at the same time makes the market gradually able to dispense with phones imported from abroad. This is in the interest of the Egyptian economy in general by reducing the import bill and relieving pressure in demand for foreign currency.

Hussein Saad, a member of the Board of Directors of the Mobile Traders Division at the Giza Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that the follow-up to the announcement by international companies about the manufacture of their products in Egypt supports the transformation of Egypt into a major export station for surrounding markets, specifically African markets, pointing to the announcement of the start of procedures for the inauguration of a factory for the Chinese “OPPO” company. In Egypt, with a production capacity of 4.5 million units annually, with investments of about $20 million, and the subsequent production of the Nokia Phone Model 105 bearing the slogan “Made in Egypt.” This was followed by the launch of the Korean Samsung products for products produced by its factory in Beni Suef Governorate.

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