Mohamed Awad opens fire on Vitoria

Zamalek goalkeeper Mohamed Awad opened fire against Vitoria, the coach of the national team, after his decision to exclude him from the Pharaohs camp.

Awad said in statements to the Match program: “What is reported about the existence of an agreement between the national team’s technical staff and Portuguese coach Ferreira, coach of Zamalek, regarding my exclusion from the list, is completely false and did not happen in the first place.”

The Zamalek goalkeeper added: “I contacted the Portuguese Ferreira, and asked him about the fact that there was an agreement with the Portuguese Vitoria to exclude me.

Awad indicated: “From the other side, I was subjected to a gross injustice by being excluded, and I do not know the reason, and I respect everyone, and I have all appreciation and respect for them, and it is my right to be present and represent my country, and this is my right.”

And Mohamed Awad continued: “When I was away from participating with Zamalek, it was natural for me to be away from the team, and I did not speak at the time, but I participated mainly with Zamalek, and I succeeded with the team in winning the Egyptian League and Cup, and therefore the decision to exclude me is illogical.”

Awad added: “I live in a difficult psychological state, after the decision to exclude me, because I was literally wronged by this decision. Any explanation, with all due respect.

Awad concluded his statements: “For the record, I have been participating mainly with my Zamalek team for a while, and therefore the coach of the Pharaohs took over the task and I am essential, as long as you excluded me from the final list of the Egyptian team, it was natural for you to talk to me and explain to me your point of view, but what happened to me I repeat that it is unfair Very good, and I wish the team success in the next stage.”

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