Mohamed Henedy, Magda Zaki and Ahmed Badir offer their condolences for Khaled Zaki’s wife.. Photos

Actress Magda Zaki, Mohamed Henedy, Ahmed Badir, Fattouh Ahmed, Mohamed Mahmoud and Mohamed El-Sawy flocked to the Police Mosque in the Sheikh Zayed area, to offer their condolences to the wife of the artist Khaled Zaki, who passed away the day before yesterday.

A short while ago, the condolences of the artist’s wife, Khaled Zaki, began at the Police Mosque in the October area, and the first attendance were the artist Bossi, Nermin El-Feki and Ihab Fahmy.

The wife of the artist Khaled Zaki had died last Sunday in a hospital, and the funeral was held from the Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque in Mohandessin, and the body was buried in the family cemetery in Ghafir, Salah Salem.

The great artist Khaled Zaki had said: Like others, he heard rumors of his illness, which worried a large number of his friends and relatives, and made him receive dozens of phone calls on a daily basis since the rumor began. Unfortunately, these rumors come out around me from time to time, and sometimes other rumors about my death, which disturbs me because it worries my family and relatives, and therefore everyone should not cause others to worry by launching rumors that have no basis in truth, and that these people take into account the feelings of others, because the word is honest, Whether it is on social media or on some sites, which are not sure of the news circulated.

Zaki thanked all his fans from his fans, relatives, friends and colleagues for asking them about him, commenting: “May God protect you all and leave you for your constant question and trying to reassure me.”

It is mentioned that the last artistic presence of the great artist Khaled Zaki was through the third part of the series “The Choice”, which was shown last Ramadan, and a large number of art stars participated in the championship, including Ahmed Ezz, Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed El-Sakka, Yasser Jalal and others, directed by Peter Mimi, and before him “Quot al-Quloub”, in its first and second parts, starring Magda Zaki, Muhammad Anwar, Sahar Al-Sayegh and Islam Jamal, written by Muhammad Al-Hanawi, directed by Magdy Abu Amira.

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