Mohamed Salah’s condolences in Queen Elizabeth.. makes a fuss

Between supporters and opponents, the condolence tweet posted by Egyptian star Mohamed Salah on the occasion of The death of Queen Elizabeth IIwide controversy among his followers on social networking sites.

Salah wrote, through his official accounts on “Twitter” and “Instagram”, a tweet yesterday, Monday, in which he said: “Today the people of Great Britain and the world stand in respect and bid farewell to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, recalling her legacy and unwavering service. All my thoughts are with the royal family on this historic and emotional day.” .

The tweet sparked a lot of controversy and criticism against the beloved Liverpool star, who angered a good sector of the fans of his country and his team.

Some of the pioneers of the communication sites considered that Salah published this tweet as a matter of public relations or for other purposes, forgetting many historical facts about Britain’s relationship with Egypt, reminding him of the British Mandate for Egypt, whose era ended in 1956.

Liverpool fans

The attack on Salah did not stop at the Egyptians only, but also extended to some of the Liverpool fans, who claimed that they were not part of Great Britain.

There is a historical enmity between the Queen of Britain and the fans of Liverpool, according to reports, which indicated that there is a belief among the residents of the city of Liverpool that there is marginalization by the royal family of the city.

Salah’s defense

On the other hand, the attack on the Egyptian player prompted many tweeters to defend him, denouncing what he was exposed to.

One of them wrote in a tweet on Twitter: “I do not find a single reason for people’s anger at Salah’s condolences to the Queen of the country, who provided him and his family with work, success and respect.. Mohamed Salah offers condolences to British society and the royal family with a classy personal message that should not bother anyone.”

While another tweeted, saying: Salah is one of the inspiring people to me, he knows what he is doing and does not harm anyone, and he gave his name and Egypt what no institutions can do. If someone angers any of his behavior, he should stop encouraging him, so you can rest and relax.. Mohamed Salah is one of the reasons for pride and joy in this life.”

As a role model and icon, the popular player in Egypt and England, Mohamed Salah, is often criticized for his behavior that he considers spontaneous and natural.

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