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Mona El-Omda responds to the fabrication of the qualification certificate: “I am a chemistry doctor.”

11:40 pm

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Books – Muhammad Emara:

The broadcaster, Mona Al-Omda, confirmed that she did not violate any media or advertising standards, in the “Hana Al-Jumhuriya Al-Jadeedah” program that she presents on Al-Nahar channel.

And about fabricating a doctorate, Mona said in exclusive statements to “Masrawy”: “I am a university doctor who actually teaches, and my degree is not an honorary doctorate, as some claim, and my specialty is in the field of chemistry.”

Regarding the dress in which she appeared recently and sparked controversy, Mona said: “I did not appear in any episode of the program in any dress that offends public modesty or above the knee, as some claim. properly”.

In a statement, Al-Nahar channel announced the suspension of the “Hana Al-Jumhuriya Al-Jadeedah” program, the suspension of the presenter of the program, “Mona Al-Omda”, and its referral, along with the work team and those responsible for the program, for immediate investigation.

The channel’s statement said that some errors and abuses were detected in one of the last episodes of the program, and the channel decided to stop it until it was returned to the right track or canceled permanently.

The channel’s statement affirmed its constant keenness to provide content and professional performance worthy of its viewers, in accordance with what is approved by professional work ethics and codes regulating media work.

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