Mortada’s statements against Al-Ahly: From an apology to Al-Khatib to Saddam with Tahya

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Monday 19 September 2022

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Mortada Mansour, the president of Zamalek club, denied the statements made by the spokesman of the Long Live Egypt Fund, regarding the Al-Ahly club handing over the gifts it received from Turki Al-Sheikh, the honorary former president of the red team, to the fund.

Muhammad Mukhtar, a spokesman for the Long Live Egypt Fund, confirmed that Al-Ahly club had implemented the desire of Turki Al-Sheikh, the honorary former president of the Red Club, to hand over gifts to the fund, noting that the matter had been completed since 2021.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly Club, announced in December 2017 the appointment of Turki Al-Sheikh as honorary president of the Red Castle, during a press conference, provided that Al-Sheikh would contribute to building Al-Ahly Stadium.

Al-Ahly’s relationship with the Al-Sheikh family developed, so that the latter announced in March 2018 the contribution to concluding “high caliber” deals for the red team, as he described it.

But Al-Ahly closed the curtain on his relationship with Turki Al-Sheikh by removing his name from the honorary list of honorary leaders of Al-Ahly Club after a meeting of the board of directors in June 2020.

The club also announced that it had addressed the Minister of Youth and Sports with a request to obtain his approval to return all the in-kind gifts and financial donations made by the Sheikh family that entered the club’s treasury, after these donations and gifts in their financial and in-kind value became club property and may not be disposed of except with the approval of the competent authority.

In November 2021, Mahmoud Al-Khatib confirmed that all the gifts and donations the club received from Turki Al-Sheikh went to the “Long Live Egypt” fund.

Apology to the preacher

Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek, appeared in the photo, asking Mahmoud Al-Khatib to prove the fact that he donated these gifts and donations to the “Long Live Egypt” fund.

On August 19, Mortada Mansour said that he would apologize to the preacher if he said that he took these gifts and donations: “I will ask a question to the preacher, I swear to God Almighty. If you answer this question, I will apologize to you. Did you take 263 million pounds from Turki Al Sheikh, as he said in his communication? And 11 Hours of Almaz as well? The Administrative Control, the Illicit Gain Authority and the Ministry of Youth also confirmed this matter, and I warn you to say that you gave them to long live Egypt, and I challenge you that you gave a pound to long live Egypt.”

On September 14, the president of Zamalek returned to the press conference he held in the club, to demand Al-Khatib to prove that he had given these gifts to the “Long Live Egypt” fund: “Tell the preacher to return the 263 million pounds and the hours.” Sadiq, and I will say long live Mahmoud al-Khatib.

Formal speech

For its part, Al-Ahly Club issued an official statement on September 15 that it sent a letter to the “Long Live Egypt” fund demanding that the truth be revealed to public opinion regarding the financial donations that the club received in an earlier period.

Reply Long live Egypt

On September 18, Muhammad Mukhtar, spokesman for the Long Live Egypt Fund, confirmed that the fund had signed a cooperation protocol with Al-Ahly, and that the club had implemented Turki Al-Sheikh’s desire to deliver gifts to the fund, noting that the matter had been closed since 2021.

Mokhtar said in statements on the “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “The Long Live Egypt Fund signed a cooperation protocol with Al-Ahly Club to implement the desire of Turki Al-Sheikh, with regard to gifts that were given to Al-Ahly Club, in material or in kind, to the Long Live Egypt Fund in the form of a donation from the Turkish advisor. Al Sheikh.

He added: “Al-Ahly club announced that it was ready to hand these gifts to Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, or hand them over to any person determined by Turki Al-Sheikh, and therefore Al-Ahly implemented the donor’s desire, to deliver these gifts, whether material or in kind, to the Long Live Egypt Fund under a protocol issued in March. year 2021”.

Mokhtar concluded his statements: “Since this time, the matter has completely ended, with regard to gifts and material amounts, after they went to the Long Live Egypt Fund, as a donation from Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh.”


Mortada Mansour went out to deny the statements of the official spokesperson of the Long Live Egypt Fund in the early hours of September 19: “By saying to the person who says that he is the spokesperson for the Long Live Egypt Fund, this is a sovereign fund, and its secrets should not be revealed.”

He added: “Did this money go to the Tahya Misr Fund in “Tuk Tok” or via a receipt or “check?”

And the President of Zamalek concluded: “I challenge the budget to have this talk, and I say to Al-Ahly, a response to my words with a document. You did not return anything, and the call was a lie.”

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