Moving water in the industrial licensing file.. Minister of Industry: Directives for industrial development to commit to granting licenses within the time periods specified by law.. Eng. Ahmed Samir: Procedures are being automated to facilitate investors

The file of industrial licenses and papers needed by industrial investment is one of the main files that concern the owners of new and existing factories. The Minister of Industry, Eng. Ahmed Samir, directed the Industrial Development Authority to quickly complete the licenses in periods ranging from 7 to 20 days, according to the provisions of the law Industrial licenses 15 of 2017.

The industrial private sector is a partner in implementing the advancement plan

Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, confirmed that the private sector is an active partner in implementing the objectives and work plan of the ministry to advance the national industry and achieve comprehensive economic development, pointing to the important role of the Federation of Egyptian Industries in serving the Egyptian industry in all its sectors..

In previous statements, after a meeting with the Federation of Industries Council, the minister said that the ministry is currently working in full coordination with the business community to review the industrial policy of Egypt, as well as all applicable legislation and procedures with the aim of setting a general framework in line with the vision and directions of the Egyptian state towards upgrading the productive sectors, which represent a major driver for achieving Comprehensive and sustainable economic development by increasing productivity rates to meet the needs of the local market and exporting the surplus to foreign markets, which is reflected positively on the increase in the contribution of the industrial sector to the gross domestic product, as well as the creation of more job opportunities. .

In this context, Samir indicated that the ministry is currently reviewing and evaluating a number of legislations related to industry, including the local product preference law and its amendments, and the industrial development law, in addition to developing the role of the bodies and agencies affiliated with the ministry to carry out the roles entrusted to them in a way that contributes to serving the Egyptian industry..

Urgent solutions to provide raw materials

The minister pointed out that the government, with all its agencies, is striving to find urgent solutions to provide raw materials and production requirements for the industrial sectors to ensure the continued rotation of the production wheel, stressing in this context the ministry’s keenness on continuous coordination with all concerned agencies to deal immediately with such challenges..

In response to the questions of the members of the Federation’s Board of Directors regarding the obstacles related to issuing licenses, Samir confirmed that he gave directions to the Industrial Development Authority to abide by the application of the Industrial Licensing Law and implement the directives of the Prime Minister to grant licenses within 7 days for licensing by notification and 20 working days for prior licensing, as all are currently being automated. The services provided by the Industrial Development Authority to investors, as well as activating the decentralization system in all branches of the Authority, calling on members to inform the Ministry of any cases that exceed these specified time periods to take decisive action in their regard. .

President of the Federation of Industries: Concrete steps to support industrialization

For his part, Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy, President of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, stressed the Federation’s keenness to support the Ministry’s efforts in upgrading the industrial sector through exchanging visions to reach concrete steps to support the national industry, pointing out in this context that the Federation has completed preparing a comprehensive vision for all the necessary reforms at all levels. Industrial sectors to drive industrial growth and stimulate foreign direct investment in industrial sectors.

Al-Suwaidi pointed to the importance of preparing studies on the economic impact of any new burdens imposed on the industrial sector and measuring their feasibility, as well as the need to activate the law of preference for local products in government purchases, as well as in the implementation of national projects, in order to reflect this on increasing the productivity of factories and providing job opportunities. .

In turn, Eng. Tarek Tawfiq, the union’s undersecretary, stressed the importance of developing local value chains and focusing on feeding industries in order to achieve integration between all industrial sectors, calling for the need to provide more easy financing mechanisms for productive projects in order to give an impetus to investment in the industrial sector.

For their part, the heads and members of the industrial chambers praised Eng. Ahmed Samir’s assumption of the trade and industry portfolio within the new ministerial amendments in the government of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, due to his full awareness of the requirements and challenges of the industrial sector, noting the importance of strengthening joint efforts among all concerned ministries and business organizations to find urgent solutions to all challenges of the industrial sectors. And foreign trade, in light of the current global economic crisis caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the Corona pandemic.

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