Muhammad Ramadan by Mona El-Shazly: I washed my face with gold soap before I came along

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, said, laughing, to the media, Mona El Shazly, on the Ma’akum program on CBC, when she asked him about the gold soap, and he told her, “I washed my face with the gold soap before I came along, and it is true.”

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, said that he excuses the public when they criticize his clothes or even some of his songs, such as the famous “Number One”.

Ramadan added, during his interview with the media, Mona El-Shazly, on a special evening on CBC and Channel One, that he puts himself in the place of the audience in some situations, saying: “I excuse the audience also .. When they criticized the song (Number One), I put myself in the place of the audience or colleagues and said If I woke up and found someone saying that, I would be upset and upset, of course.”

The star, Mohamed Ramadan, started his episode with the media, Mona El Shazly, on the Ma’akum program, which he is presenting on CBC, with the song “Thabit”, amidst great cheers from the audience in the studio, and he said: “The one who missed tilapia and the one who came shrimp.”

Muhammad Ramadan returns to filming his new series, which bears the name “Jaafar Al-Omda”, this week after the Christmas season celebrations, where the filming team finished filming nearly half of the scenes of the series scheduled to be shown next Ramadan. The series is the story of Muhammad Sami, and Mohab Tariq participates in the script and dialogue. And directed by Mohamed Sami.

Mohamed Ramadan filmed the interior scenes in his series “Al-Omda” inside the Media Production City, led by director Mohamed Sami, where the work team depicts several scenes inside the house of Mohamed Ramadan’s mother, “Wasifa”, which is presented by the able artist Hala Sidqi, and the decoration of the Media Production City is the main decoration of the series. What the public is waiting for.

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