Muhammad Ramadan ignites the atmosphere of Sherihan’s niece’s wedding, in the presence of Zina. Video

The keenness of the two stars Mohamed Ramadan Zina attended the wedding of “Hind”, daughter of Nahla Al-Awadi – the older sister of the star Sherihan – which was held in a major hotel in Cairo, and Ramadan ignited the atmosphere of the ceremony by singing more than one song that the audience interacted with while singing. with attendance.

Muhammad Ramadan and Zina will meet in the upcoming Ramadan 2023 drama for the first time, during the series “Al-Omda”, written and directed by Muhammad Sami, and he participated in the script and dialogue, Mohab Tariq, and produced by Media Hub Saadi – Jawhar, and he participates in the work championship Hala Sidqi, Iman Al-Assi, Mai Kassab, Menna Fadali. Ahmed Dash, Bayoumi Fouad, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Essam El-Sakka, Jory Bakr, Doaa Hakam, Tareq Al-Nahry, Magdy Badr, and others.

And the star, Muhammad Ramadan, had ushered in the beginning of the new year 2023, and he released the clip of the song “Ala Wa Wadana”, which brings him together with the star of the popular song, Ahmed Adawiya and his son, the singer. About this collaboration: “I will record in my history that I sang with the king of popular songs, Ahmed Adawiya.”

Muhammad Ramadan ignites the atmosphere of Sherihan's niece's wedding, in the presence of Zina (1)

Muhammad Ramadan ignites the atmosphere of Sherihan's niece's wedding, in the presence of Zina (2)

As for Zina, she recently presented the series “The Night and the One in It”, consisting of 6 episodes, which achieved great success, and co-starring Muhammad Shaheen, rap singer Abi Youssef, Samah Anwar, Alaa Morsi, Alaa Sinan, Bakri Khaled, Walid Hamed, Shima Al-Sharif and a number of others. Young Artists, written by Mohamed Ragaa, directed by Hani Khalifa, in his first collaboration with the star Zina, and the events take place within a framework of mystery and suspense.

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