Music touches hearts..and this is the Arabic song that I adore

This was not the first time that the owner of the music of the movie “Titanic” came to Egypt, as 2016 witnessed his first meeting with the Egyptian public through a special concert to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his long career. And before the spread of the Corona pandemic, specifically in 2020, he held another party for Valentine’s Day, especially since he is called the Prince of Romance, a title given to him by the former first lady of America Nancy Reagan, wife of Ronald Reagan, the fortieth president of the United States of America, because he was distinguished by recording a number of musical tracks. World famous romance.

As for his last concert, it was two days ago, when the international pianist of French origin, Richard Clayderman, participated in a charity concert for the first time in Egypt on the sidelines of the International Conference on Breast Cancer, Gynecology and Immunotherapy BGICC, stressing in his interview with Al Arabiya.net that he did not hesitate for a moment in Agree to participate in that ceremony.

*This visit is not your first to Egypt, but it is different from the previous times.. Tell us about that

** Every time I come to Egypt, it is to participate in a party with interaction with a large and huge audience of different ages, but that time was different after I received a phone call from my business management in Egypt and I contacted Dr. Hisham Al-Ghazali, President of the International Conference on Breast Cancer, Gynecology and Immunotherapy BGICC, They asked me to participate in a charity event for cancer and immunotherapy patients.

* Have you hesitated to accept this task, especially since it is not easy?

** I did not hesitate for a moment, I am very happy to choose Dr. Hisham Al-Ghazali for me as a musician to do that task, and I felt proud to be among them and this is my choice. It is a mission for which we must all be present, and support this great event and this conference. The role of the artist and his message is to relieve the community, because music has a role in relieving the sick. Therefore, I wish all patients safety, as we must support them and always be by their side, and this is something that makes me very happy with the presence of many nationalities in this event, including doctors and patients who believe in the role of music in treatment.

*Did your wish come true this time to visit Egypt and the different places in it?

**Unfortunately, there was no time, as it was necessary to meet the musicians who participated in the concert and make extensive rehearsals so that the attendees could enjoy the concert, although I very much wished to visit Egypt and its various tourist areas and landmarks. Although it is my third visit to it, this wish remains pending for me, and I hope to visit it as a tourist with my family one day. I love this country very much, and I see many details about it through pictures and websites.


* Referring to music and its ability to improve the health of patients.. How is this done?

** Music plays a major role in treating various types of physical and psychological diseases, such as chronic pain, anxiety and depression, through its direct biological effects, such as lowering heart rate and blood pressure. Music also improves social communication and support, which in turn improves mental health, so daily listening to music seems an appropriate option for the isolation and feelings of fear and anxiety the world is going through due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Through my music, I have been able to speak to the hearts of my audiences around the world, and to improve the moods of patients. The music that I present was able to achieve a lot, as there are many people waiting for the music to touch their hearts, and it is an ideal way to reach the heart of every person, and it is very important for each of us to feel it.

* And do you believe that music is really capable of touching hearts in different parts of the world, regardless of the language or country?

** Certainly, and this has happened to me throughout my life. On the professional and practical level, I sensed the audience’s taste for music and their eagerness to listen to it continuously. No matter how far I go to the south, north, east, or west, everyone listens and enjoys.

In the Middle East, what attracts you to music?

** I find it interesting and different. I am a fan of oriental music and it is one of my favorites. It has a great status in the Middle East and Africa, but I love this music. The only Egyptian song that I loved was the late artist Dalida’s “Helwa Ya Baladi”. I did not listen much to Egyptian and Arabic songs, but out of my love for that song, I wrote a musical note to play it on the piano with a pianist from Jordan.

* The music you provide is famous for romance, such as “Titanic” and “Romeo and Juliet” and others, so what is the story of love and romance?

**I started playing and tasting music early, and I used to see that romantic music always touches the heart, so I chose these pieces that keep me in the memory of all the audience, and give them memories they always want to remember.

What was the first piece of music you heard and how did you feel?

** It was not a specific piece, as it started with classical music, and there were many pieces, but I always went to the pieces that I find my pleasure in and that are close to my personality.

I have been trying to make my music have a message, since I was 5 years old and my father was a music teacher, he used to make me feel the magnificence of music, so I felt love from a young age, and even if I did not have a party, I kept working all the time, as this is my passion.

* “Titanic” has been attached to by the audience for many years.. Is it possible to repeat a song or a piece like it?

** I hope to do this again, as the impact on people and leaving a clear message I feel at all concerts, and it makes me feel proud, and over all the past years I see people interacting with it greatly, and I hope to present a piece like it again, even if there are many tracks I love it and I present it at every party.

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