Mustafa Saad Messi talks about the scenes of playing for Al-Ahly and moments he will not forget

Mostafa Saad Messi, who recently joined the ranks of the first football team in Al-Ahly Club, expressed his great happiness at his move to the team, stressing that he is ready for the great challenge, and to fight for the confidence of the technical staff and crowning championships with Al-Qarn Club..

Saad confirmed that he did not hesitate for one moment to accept Al-Ahly’s offer; Because he was a childhood dream that finally came true, after he was attached to encouraging the club early, and he fought on the field for many years until he drew attention to him, and now the dream has come true and has become a reality after signing for Al-Ahly and wearing his shirt..

Beginning of negotiations

Saad explained in statements to Al-Ahly’s official website that he received a phone call from Amir Tawfiq, the Director of Contracts, to tell him of Al-Ahly’s interest in obtaining his services, and he said: “At that time, I did not believe myself, and I almost flew with joy, and I agreed immediately, and impatiently waited for the negotiations to end, until they were achieved.” The opportunity to join Al-Ahly, which is a dream for all players, in order to succeed and write a great and popular history with the club, so I did not compare Al-Ahly with any other club, despite the fact that Ceramica Club received a large number of my special offers.”

He added, “I live moments of indescribable happiness after I fulfilled my life’s dream of wearing the Al-Ahly shirt, which I grew up loving, and I started practicing and encouraging the ball during the period of the glow of the generation of stars, who achieved many championships, and served as a role model for us at this stage.”

Playing in more than one center

And he continued: “Now I wore the Al-Ahly shirt, which is a great responsibility to represent the largest club in the Middle East, and I became required to be an honorable model on and off the field, and to strive and do my best, in order to achieve the addition that makes me worthy of this opportunity that I finally got by being inside. club”.

Saad said that he is good at playing in the center of the attacking wing and the playmaker, and is ready to be hired in any place requested by the technical staff, stressing that playing for a large club of the size of Al-Ahly, the owner of the championships and the massive public, imposes many pressures on him, which he is well aware of its size..

He added, “I know perfectly well that wearing the Century Club shirt is a great responsibility, and it imposes many pressures that I prepare myself well to deal with through Al-Ahly’s personality, who knows his usual way to win championships and write history, bypassing all circumstances.”

And he added, “My focus now is on how to obtain the confidence of the technical staff… and the assumption of a big name like Marcel Koehler the task of training Al-Ahly makes me required to do a lot of effort to gain his confidence, and I am confident that the atmosphere within the team helps any player to succeed, and I do not occupy I can only carry out the tasks that are assigned to me, and I know very well the importance of focus and commitment on and off the field, to maintain my chances in the team.”

great opportunity

Regarding the current generation of Al-Ahly players, Mustafa Saad spoke and said: “I am very happy to join the team in the presence of a group of players who represent a new golden generation for Al-Ahly, after they succeeded in winning the African Champions League twice, in addition to winning the bronze in the Club World Cup twice, unlike many other players. Championships and successes that make joining them a great opportunity, and increase my ambitions and motivation to benefit from them and work with them to repeat these achievements.”

African dream

The new Al-Ahly player indicated that he dreams of winning with the team in all championships, especially the African Champions League, which was very close to Al-Ahly last season for the third time in a row, and said: “I know that Al-Ahly always and always enters each new season in search of winning all competitions. Which makes the responsibility double for everyone, so I will fight and do my best to prove myself at this stage for success, which is the gateway to joining the national team, especially since the next season will be very difficult for everyone, but Al-Ahly is able to present a new historical season and crown. By all titles.

Judge’s joy

And about Shadi Hussein’s joining Al-Ahly, he said: “Certainly his presence will help me more harmony and adaptation within the team. And I cannot forget our joy with Afsha’s goal by knockout in the final match of the century, where Shadi celebrated in a crazy way.”

century final

He added that Mohamed Barakat, the former Al-Ahly player, is his favorite player, and if he was asked to form a 5-star team from Al-Ahly, he would choose: Mohamed El-Shennawy, Mohamed Abu Trika, Mohamed Barakat, Sayed Moawad and Walid Suleiman..

Mustafa Saad explained that the final match of the century in the African Champions League between Al-Ahly and Zamalek was historical, and that the top match that Al-Ahly won over Zamalek 5-3, is one of the matches that he always enjoys watching..

He said: “I cannot forget in this match in particular the (Rabona) pass by Amr Al-Sulayya, the brilliance of Diang, Sherif and Maaloul, and the strong presentation of Al-Ahly in the match in general, and in general, I love all Al-Ahly’s matches and goals.

Mustafa Saad concluded his speech by thanking Al-Ahly fans for their support for everyone who wears the team’s shirt, and asked them to continue to support and support, and pledged to do his utmost; In order to contribute with Al-Ahly to win championships.

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