NASA replaces the fuel seals on the Artemis1 rocket ahead of launch on September 23

NASA has completed important repairs to the Space Launch System rocket”SLS“, as recently announced by the US space agency, the fuel seals have been replaced on”SLSLast week, according to 360 . Tools.

One of the fuel lines started leaking into SLS earlier this month, forcing the space agency to halt its attempt to launch the spacecraft.Artemis I SLS- OrionNASA plans to conduct a refueling test to verify that the replaced seal is working as intended.

The US space agency announced that it is targeting September 23 for another attempt to send a rocket Artemis I Mon into space, and NASA said in a blog that it had successfully replaced the seals associated with the hydrogen leak on its rocket.Artemis I SLSThe leak forced the agency to halt its second attempt to launch a lunar rocket on September 3..

The US space agency said that both the 8-inch line used to fill and drain liquid hydrogen from the primary stage and the 4-inch bleed line used to redirect some fuel during tank operations have both been removed and replaced for the launch attempt on Sept. 23.

NASA is said to have a 120-minute launch window on September 23 with landing on October 18, and a 70-minute launch window on September 27 with landing on November 5, and NASA teams are also preparing internally to support additional dates should flexibility be needed..

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